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Siamese cats are adorable and sociable, which is why most people keep them. However, like every other breed, the downside of this breed is the fact that they are talkative and sometimes aggressive. Well, it is nothing that you can handle. Below, I am going to talk about the reasons that Why do Siamese cats bite so much. I am also going to outline some of the most effective methods to stop this behavior


Before you can get to stop this unacceptable habit, you need to understand some of the reasons your cat might bite. I, having dealt with this issue before, am going to also help you with both!

When our cat, who is siamese, first arrived, she would bite you unexpectedly. At first, it can be difficult to tell why she is doing so. I mean, I thought that there was something wrong with her. We checked with the vet, only to find out that she was in perfect health. 


In my experience, Siamese cats do bite so much because of the following reasons;

  • Overstimulation
  • Short temper 
  • She is uncomfortable
  • Territorial behavior
  • Frustration




This is probably the most common reason why Siamese cats bite so much. While this breed is sociable, she also playful. I mean, our siamese cat will not go an hour without checking on you. And she will meow in acknowledgment when she sees you. 

She also loves to play but I always have to be careful. Sometimes we have played with her and she gets overexcited. All her emotions and senses are heightened at this time. It includes her predatory instincts and in return, she bites my hands, or at least she used to. 

I figured that too much play excites her and she loses control resulting in biting. Therefore, maybe you have been having too much fun with your kitty! Does she bite unexpectedly during playtime?

It can be very confusing because you probably thought she was having fun. It could be that she cannot contain her excitement. Overstimulation usually happens during playtime. 


Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much

The Siamese breed has quite a temper


Have you seen an angry siamese cat? Well, I have to tell you that she can be pretty scary. Our cat will look at you in the eye and before you know it she has already bitten or scratched you! This is especially when you touch or pick her up when she does not feel like it. Now, this is the deal, your cat must be willing to be picked up, otherwise, this might scratch or bite you. 

Sometimes siamese cats do bite so much from redirected anger. Maybe she has seen another cat from the window. A part of her wants to get out and chase them away. Another Siamese cat personality is that they are quite territorial. She might get angry at the trespasser but she cannot do anything about it. 

This breeds frustration and she can direct it towards you. All it takes to bring out this type of reaction is to trigger her predatory instincts. For instance, you can move your feet and she will pounce at them. She will calm down afterward. 

This is why I always leave the curtains closed in the house. She will not have the opportunity to see anything on the outside. 


Cats bite when uncomfortable


Cats are quite specific when it comes to what they need. I mean, when she needs to be pet, she will let you know. However, she might not be too nice when she is uncomfortable or under pressure. Besides overstimulation, touching or holding your cat inappropriately can make her bite. So yes, you must be very cautious when approaching siamese cats as they can be quite unpredictable. 

Now the siamese cats have been domesticated for a long time. For this reason, we have learned how to pet them, including their favorite tickle spots. Our cat, just like most cats enjoys a nice head scratch. Sometimes she will climb onto my or household’s laps and even purr in contentment. However, if you hold her in an uncomfortable position, she gets irritated. Due to her short-tempered nature, she might end up biting you. 

Later on, I am going to highlight some useful tips to stop Siamese cats from biting. 


Territorial behavior


If there is something you must keep in mind is that cats still retain their predatory nature even after domestication. Being territorial is normal in cats. However, given that the siamese cats have quite a temper, territorial behavior may lead to biting. 

Now, I have lived and observed our cat for the last 4 years. I have to tell you she is fierce when she feels like someone is overstepping her boundaries, including me! Well, I cannot blame her as it is the same way that I need my space. 

Well, sadly, it is quite easy to provoke her. For instance, our siamese cat detests when you wake her up. I mean, try and approach her bed afterward and she might hiss at you before striking. Be careful with siamese cats and especially when they are feeling territorial. 

Sometimes Siamese cats feel territorial in a multi-cat home. As I have previously stated, these cats crave domination. She wants to be the ‘alpha’ in the house, and other cats may not just and that title away. 

Siamese cats do bite so much to protect their territory. 


Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much



Are you dealing with a cat who keeps biting you? I mean, you may never see it coming. Well, she just might be frustrated and you do not seem to notice. For instance, you may approach her for a little petting session and end up biting you! 

This is quite relatable to redirected aggression in that she will act out on you. For instance, if she has been requesting for something and you will not offer it, she gets a little angry. If you try to play with her immediately, it is not going to end well.

Most Siamese cats bite so much out of frustration and almost all cat owners do not realize it. It is a common reason for cat aggression. The goal is to always keep your cat happy and also meet all her needs. 


How to stop Siamese cats who bite 


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Biting is usually characterized by aggression, something that has made cat owners give up their cats. However, that is not exactly necessary as I am going to give you a few tips that you can use to stop Siamese cats who bite so much


Be affectionate


As we have indicated above, the Siamese breed may require a lot of attention, which you must provide. Failure to offer her affection and attention will breed into unacceptable behaviors in Siamese cats. Well, you know what to do not. 

When I first met our cat, she was quite uncomfortable around me. However, I gradually established a bond with her by playing with her and also keeping my distance when she needed me to do so. Now, this is not going to be easy as you have other things to do. 

To ensure that your cat feels loved and well taken care of, make sure to meet all her needs. For instance, clean her litter box, offer her food as per your established schedule. Note that the Siamese cats require a lot of human interaction and thus be there when she needs you.


Teach biting inhibition to your cat


Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much


Cats who have undergone biting inhibition training understand that it is unacceptable to mouth and bite human companions. however, some cats never got the chance to learn biting inhibition. 

Now, I will briefly explain what bite inhibition means. Kittens do engage in play with each other and even with their mothers. However, once a kitten bites another, the bitten kitten will keep away. All the cats will avoid playing with her. It is aimed at teaching the kittens that they should not bite each other during play. 

If your Siamese cat has not learned biting inhibition, then you must do so. She needs to understand that biting is not part of the play. To do so, employ the following:

  • Act hurt/express pain on your face. You can also let out an ‘ouch’ and luckily, she understands when you are in pain. 
  • Avoid playing with your cat using bare hands. Instead, purchase a few interesting toys to play with. 
  • Do not hit, yell or spray her with water. Note that cats do not understand the concept of punishment. 
  • Stop playing with her immediately she bites you. Walk away from her so she knows she has done something unacceptable. 
  • Be patient with her. It is going to take some time before you can completely quit biting behavior. 
  • Purchase scratching posts. (See prices on Amazon) She is going to use them when she is frustrated and needs to let it out. 


Siamese cats do bite, even though they can be quite affectionate. If you have recently brought one home, be ready to deal with the good and bad. They are affectionate but at the same time short-tempered. Take some time to understand your cat. 

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