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One of the many things that cats are known for is their talkative nature. I mean, your Siamese cat will chat you up the whole day. However, there is much more joy that comes with owning a Siamese cat. In this article, we are going to discover the siamese cat talking as well as how to keep her quiet.


Why Siamese cats love talking


It is the nature of your siamese cat to talk a lot. Humans adopted that behavior from ancient times. Well, your siamese cat will chat you up the entire day. There is more to it than the talking as they are quite friendly. It is why most cat owners go for this breed.

While cat meowing is simply reserved to cat-human communication, the Siamese cats do not care. Sometimes she will start talking and it is going to be difficult to identify if she needs something. Also, she is not going to shy away from expressing her needs. Therefore, we can say that the Siamese cat talking personality is tied to their attachment to their owners.

However, we cannot ignore other external factors that could be the cause of her increased meowing. You must keep an eye on her to notice any behavioral changes.


Siamese Cat Talking

These external factors may include:

  • Illnesses
  • Unclean litter boxes
  • Separation anxiety
  • Distress due to change
  • Hunger
  • Attention seeking

Illnesses likely to keep your cat talking


Sometimes a cat may have increased vocalization because they are ill. Well, it is not going to be difficult to tell a sick siamese cat through their vocalization. Therefore, you must pay attention to other details such as lethargy, decreased appetite, and cat spraying.

Unfortunately, our cats are vulnerable to various feline illnesses. For instance, urinary tract problems, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and dementia for senior cats. Has your siamese cat started talking more than usual and showing signs of illness? Well, check with your vet to ensure that she is doing perfectly fine.


Unclean litter box


This is another common reason why a siamese cat might keep talking. New cat owners might forget to check a cat’s litter box. Let me remind you that cats are particularly clean. Believe me, she is not going to use a stinking litter box. She will either make noise in frustration or choose another place to go all the same.

Well, if you suspect that your Siamese cat is talking more than usual, check the litter box. Ensure that you clean the litter several times a day. If you have to go to work, then make sure that all her litter boxes are clean before you leave the house.

Also, take note of litter box avoidance. It could be a behavioral or medical-related problem. As we have mentioned above, felines are quite vulnerable to urinary tract illnesses.

The bottom line is, you must keep all her litter boxes clean. Just as much as she grooms, she prefers her living conditions to be as clean.


Separation anxiety


The most notable character in cats is their sociability. Your siamese cat will crave your attention all day, even after you have played with her. When you are not around, she might develop separation anxiety. She wants you to be around at all times, which is remotely impossible.

A siamese cat talking and meowing out of separation anxiety might sound desperate. Observe her when you are leaving the house, does she tend to meow more when you leave? She probably hates spending the entire day on her own.

I’m sure that you already have scheduled a time to play with her but it does not always curb anxiety. You need to keep her occupied throughout the day. I suggest you purchase several toys for her, especially when you work from the office.


Siamese Cat Talking


Distress from change


If you have kept cats or even other pets before, you will realize they have one thing in common. Cats find it difficult to adapt to changes. In fact, they get distressed over small changes. For instance, one common change that seems to cause stress in cats is moving from one residence to another or changing owners.

It is specifically important for new siamese cat owners to understand that this breed is more susceptible to stress than others. Refrain from moving too often. Also, you may want to keep visitors off for the first few days after you bring her home.

She needs some time to settle in and even adjust to having you as her parent. If you adopted a kitten who was separated from her mother, you will need to work a little harder to ensure that she settles in well. Spend time with her, establish a schedule and within a few days, she will start bonding with you.


Delayed mealtime


A siamese cat will not shy away from airing her problems. When she goes hungry, trust me she will nag you and remind you that her bowl needs a refill. Well, I have to mention that cats tend to feed several times every day.

The very first thing you should do when you bring a new cat home is to develop a schedule. This way, you will be able to know when to feed your cat. Once again, I advise against using the free feeding method. It not only leads to house soiling and also obesity.

Feed your cat before you leave the house in the morning. If you are staying out for the day, then ensure that you leave enough treats for her to feed throughout the day. Only go for tasty and healthy treats. Also, you might find a food puzzle interesting to keep feeding your cat even when you are out of the house. Do not forget to leave clean water as well.


Siamese Cat Talking

Attention-seeking behavior


As we have already indicated above, the siamese cat requires massive attention. I mean, this is due to their sociable nature. Therefore, her meowing and talking could be her manipulative way of getting your attention. I always insist on knowing your breed and her behavior before adopting a cat.

If at all you are not looking for a noisy companion, then I must say that the Siamese breed if not your thing. However, people who are looking for a chatty buddy, a Siamese cat stand out due to her talkative nature.

However, even if the Siamese cat is known for this character, you must not entertain her when she starts seeking attention via excessive meowing. If you always respond to her every time she makes a sound, you may never be able to stop it.

Instead, spend quality time with her. I know that she will constantly talk to you the whole time. However, playtime is good for socializing and also forming a strong bond with her. Besides, when you spend time with her, you will be meeting her need for attention.




Are you looking for a companion in your house? Well, I would go for a Siamese cat as she is friendly, and sociable in nature. A Siamese cat will not stop talking to you. And what’s more, they are good with kids and even other cats. You will rarely hear your Siamese catfighting with your dog or with kids. Once you get a Siamese cat, you will never have to complain about boredom or loneliness.

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