Cat Talking To Owner. What Are They Saying?

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Almost all cats speak to their owners. This does not necessarily have to be speaking in English as long as he can express himself in several ways. For instance, a cat will most often use his meows to talk to you. However, it is always up to you to figure out what your cat is trying to tell you. It is not unheard of to see a cat talking to its owner. They are always trying to communicate with us via their meows and body language.


Did you know that your cat talks to you all the time? 


As much as we domesticate cats, we might sometimes forget that they are animals in nature. This means that we are a different species from them. Thus, we do not practice the same behaviors as our kitties, which includes communication. In most cases, we tend to ignore our cat’s verbal or non-verbal cues of communication. Your cat does talk to you.

He will ask for food, to be let out, or even when he is excited. It is up to you, however, to ensure that you have mastered cat language. This way, you can enhance a strong bond between the two of you. Furthermore, this is going to help you keep a happy and well-behaved kitty.


How to get a cat talking to his owner


It is thrilling to have a cat talking to its owner, especially in English. However, before we can engage in the basic cat training including house training, we must understand what they are trying to tell us. Well, the primary method of communication in cats will always be through vocalization. He will meow differently when in need of different things. As mentioned above, it is up to you to decipher the meaning of each vocalization.


Saying Hello


Once you adopt a kitty, you should know that he now considers you as his family. In all aspects, he wants to associate with each member of the family. Cats are not only fast learners but they are also great observers. For instance, he knows that you always say hello to the people in the household.

Usually, when a cat wants to say hello, he will meow once. Well, when he is super excited, usually when you get back home from work, I might give you multiple meows.

Of course, he missed you all day when you were gone, and thus, he wants to know how your day was. At this stage, we can say that your cat is genuinely happy. He might also come to you for a little petting.


‘I’m so frightened’


This is a totally different kind of meow. In fact, you will also be able to feel the fear within him when he is frightened by something. Instead of the calm meows, you are used to, your cat will hiss and growl at the fear-causing element. This might be another cat or pet in the household. It is common to get your cat all fearful if you have a stray cat stalking your home.

Your cat will also try to look bigger and threaten the opponent. This is due to the fight or flight reflexes that are aroused when your kitty is faced with fear-causing situations. His hair will also be fluffy and with his pupils dilated. In this position, he is ready to attack and fight the opponent. Some cats will roll over and unsheathe their claws and teeth.


‘You stepped on me!’


It is quite rare to live with your cat and never end up stepping on his tail. He is going to exclaim painfully which is more of a high-pitched Rrroooow. When you hear him meowing in a high pitch, there must be something going on with him. He might have been attacked or accidentally stepped on. It will be a single loud meow and that will be it.


‘Pay attention to me please’


As social as cats are, they can be pretty annoying. You might find a cat talking to its owner by meowing just to get their attention. This is usually aimed at initiating play with you. It can be exciting but at some point, it becomes a behavioral issue. This is because your cat will always be meowing annoyingly until you agree to give him what she wants.

Kittens are fond of doing this when they are developing. If your kitten did not have the opportunity to learn from his mother, you will have to teach him alternative ways to get you to play with him. In fact, you should develop a routine so that you can make sure that you play or pet him every day.

Understand that adult cats will barely talk to other cats. As per a study to research the reason why cat’s meow depicts that cats exclusively meow at humans for the sake of communication. This has also been reinforced by the fact that feral cats will barely vocalize at all because they do not interact with humans.

If your cat has developed the habit of meowing repeatedly to get your attention, ignore him completely. If you already have your scheduled time for playing as well as petting him, then ensure that you strictly stick to it.


‘Let me out’


Cats have the need to keep moving from one place to another throughout the day, they want to discover their surroundings. Even your indoor cat will want to keep moving from one room to another. Therefore, do not be surprised when your cat won’t stop meowing at the door. Well, he is going to give you the mid-pitched meow for you to open the door. However, the longer you take before opening for him the more agitated will be the vocalization.

Once again, this could lead to your cat developing issues with excessive vocalization. Some cats will not stop even at night. My friend has a cat who will not sleep when she closes the bedroom door. The kitty wants the door always open, especially when he knows my friend in the room.


‘Feed me!’


When your kitty is hungry, he is surely going to let you know. Note that cats feed more times than even dogs. Therefore, figure out a way to ensure that he has access to snacks throughout the day. In addition, ensure that you have a fixed schedule to feed your kitty.

Invest in nutritional treats for your kitty as well as the food puzzle. This way, you can make it exciting for your cat to solve the puzzles in order to get a treat. You will beat boredom and also ensure that your cat feeds throughout the day.


Cat purring


When a cat is purring, it is going to be actually soothing and soft. Usually, you will find your kitty purring when you are petting him. It is one of the ways you will know that your cat is really in a good mood. If you are running a multi-cat home, you might witness them purring at each other. It is usually a way to comfort each other.

Once again, they learn this when they are young and with their mothers who will purr to comfort them. Sometimes your cat will purr when you are petting him. This is a way to let you know that he feels good when you do so. It is a sign of confidence and contentment.



Facial expressions and body language when a cat is talking to the owner


Cats meow to communicate with us because it actually works. We are always on the lookout for cat meowing and we forget about their body language. Your kitty is probably trying to talk to you using various types of facial expressions. For instance, when he is upset, he will have a tense face as opposed to when he is relaxed. This also applies to when he is stressed or sick.

When a cat looks at you with half-open eyes or blinks slowly, it is an acceptance gesture. He is probably begging you to pet or play with him. It also indicates that your cat trusts you. However, when he is agitated, he will have wide-open eyes with dilated pupils. It might also be an indication that your cat is nervous and scared of something.

When a cat rolls over, he could be doing one of two things. He could be inviting you to play or rub his belly. Alternatively, he could be preparing to attack an opponent. Well, you can observe this in multi-cat homes where there is a high possibility of catfights.

Cats might also talk to their owners using their ears. We all know that cats are sensitive beings. This makes them vulnerable to stress, fear, and anxiety. You will have to observe your kitty really well in order to notice any non-verbal communication from your kitty. For instance, when your cat has his ears upright, he is okay and everything is fine.


Cat talking to the owner through ears


If you have an interest in cat talk, you should be aware that his body language plays a huge role too. Your cat might actually communicate his emotional state by positioning his ears at different angles. A good example is when you have a frightened kitty, his years will flatten to his head.

This is not only a communication cue but also a defensive posture. While in this position his ears will not get scratched especially if he is about to fight with another cat.

You can also be able to tell when he is agitated. We all know how social our cats are but then again, they sometimes get all riled up. It could be because you forgot to feed him or he has just had a fight. His ears will face sideways as they vibrate from his agitation. This might or might not be accompanied by meowing or growling.

An alert cat, on the other hand, will have sharp upright ears. At this position, your kitty is probably trying to find out where a certain sound is coming from. When you have a guest knocking on your door or ringing the doorbell, your cat will definitely be alert. You will be able to see him adjust his ears in an upright position.


Sometimes cats chirp like birds


In some cases, you might hear your cat chirping like a bird. Often, this will happen when he wants to get your attention. Like most of the other cues, your cat picked this habit when he was still a kitten. A mother uses chirping sounds in order to get their attention.

Well, as we mentioned above, you should refrain from always giving him attention whenever he needs it. This way, you will learn to control your kitty as well as follow a schedule in order to make sure you play with him.

If your kitty produces the chirping sounds while watching the outside from the window, then this might only be natural. They sometimes do that when they are excited by the sight of prey. So perhaps he is busy watching birds or even any other small animals on the outside. Due to his nature as a hunter, your kitty might get all excited. Even though he will not have the chance to go out and hunt, we cannot underestimate this hidden instinct in cats.




There are different ways in which a cat talks to its owner. Vocalization, which is the most common means of communication, is exclusively reserved for humans. Adult cats rarely meow at other cats. Rather, they use vocalization so that we can understand their needs. Well, they may also use vocalization when they are in pain or fighting with other cats in the neighborhood.

A cat talking to its owner is not strange at all. In fact, some people have trained their cats in such a way that they can communicate swiftly. I mean, not only that but some cats can actually mimic the words we say every other day.

We often meow back at our cats, probably hoping that he understands you. The truth is, he probably has no idea why you keep making those annoying noises. Instead, you can simply address him in your language. Over time, he will learn your form of communication as you have his.

Before you can get to teach your cat how to speak, you must be able to understand his own language. Pay attention to every meow, posture, and body language of your kitty. This way, you will be able to live harmoniously with your kitty as well as communicate with him.

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