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It might come as a surprise for you to see a cat speaking English. Even though unusual, cats have the ability to learn new things. In fact, due to their social nature, cats tend to adopt the behaviors of human companionship in the household. They want to be part of the family and thus may start practicing things he observes you do.

However, speaking English does not just happen naturally in cats. If anything, you will have to invest your time trying to observe and also teach your cat to speak English. In most cases, your cat will tend to communicate to you via verbal as well as non-verbal cues.


Can I teach my cat to start speaking English?



The answer to this question is yes. You can be able to train your cat to speak English. However, this is not exactly an easy task but it is not only amusing but also helpful when it comes to bonding with him. You will be establishing a common method of communication between you two. Well, we are not talking about speaking fluent English but then, he should understand what you are saying.

Before you go on with your plan to teach your cat how to speak English, it is important that you understand them. As mentioned, cats want to feel a sense of belonging to a group. Taking you back just a little bit, cats are separated from their biological family when they are young. This might mean that a cat did not have enough time to learn its true nature from his mother. Thus, when we adopt them, they start picking up our habits.

Talking is a bit complex for them. I mean, what most cats will do is mimic the words that come out of your mouth. For instance, you may be in the habit of telling your husband ‘I love you.’ And because he can hear it every other day, you might find your kitty actually repeating the same words you say each day. But you see, this is not exactly how cats learn. In fact, research has it that most cats will learn actions faster than words.

Normally, your cat will always adopt the language that you address them in. However, they will get the basic words. For instance, if you always say goodbye to your cat, he might learn to say back over time. In addition, they may learn the names of the family members


Do all cats speak English?


Well, kittens grow up watching you and listening to you. However, most of us refuse to talk to our cats. We will either mimic the meows or completely ignore them. In this case, the cat may never learn how to talk English. This does not mean that it is too late to teach your kitty how to speak. So how exactly can you teach your cat to have him speak English?


How to teach my cat to start speaking English?



Having your cat start speaking English is not only fun but it will make it easy for you two to communicate with each other. However, this is not an easy task even though it is going to be transforming.

You will have to monitor your cat and target the time he is most receptive. Generally, cats may not have a long attention span and so spare a few minutes each day to train them. You should have him mall fed in order to avoid distractions during this time so that you can have his attention.

If you are only introducing your cat to a new language, you will have to start with the basics. For instance, you may start by training him on how to say ‘hello’ or breakfast times. We are going to look at how you can train your kitty to talk English and respond to you via training commands.


Train cat to sit


Well, unlike it is easy to train a dog, it is quite complicated to train commands to cats. However, a cat will respond to petting as well as praises. You can alternatively determine your cat’s favorite treat and reward him whenever he gets it right.

In order to train your cat to sit, get the treat on a training stick and raise the stick over his nose. Usually, cats observe everything before they get to feed in it. He will sniff the treat but do not let him have it. The goal is to have your cat’s attention.

Command your cat to sit as you move the treat behind his head which will force him to sit. Immediately his bottom is well tucked and he is in a sitting position, give him the treat or pet him. This will reinforce the training by associating the command with a positive outcome.

By having him sit down, it will become quite easy for you to get his attention. Therefore, you can be able to train him when he is most receptive. Now, when you want to get your kitty speaking English, you might want to start with the ‘hello’ gesture.


Teaching cat how to say hello


Your cat will definitely have his own way of saying hello to you, as you will. Of course, he will be happy to see you especially when you get back home from work. As a way to say hello to you, he will raise his tail and even meow at you. When he does so, reply directly to him and say ‘hello’ every time. With every meow your cat gives you, greet him with a hello.

One thing for sure is that you will have to do this repeatedly in order for him to say it back. Well, imagine the joy of having your kitty say hello to your friends. Your family members should also assist you in training this trick. Advise everyone in the household to say hello to your kitty. In order to have your cat speaking English, make sure that you use only short phrases. This will make it easy for your cat to learn as compared to full sentences.

Once he learns how to say hello back, always reward him with a treat or pet him. You can also use words like ‘good job’ or simply ‘yes’. This will be affirmative to your cat and thus reinforce training.


Teach the come command


As you teach your cat how to speak English, you cannot ignore the come command. Well, your cat will need a healthy way to get your attention rather than meowing insistently. You will also need him to understand this command so that you can be able to control him.

Well, this is going to take time but yet again, with proper reinforcement, your cat is going to learn a lot quicker. The trick to getting your kitten to speak English is to associate it with something nice.

For instance, when you come home from work, there is usually so much excitement between the two of you. Sometimes your cat will pace around the house in an effort to contain his excitement. Look at him and command him to come to you. You can use a training stick for this kind of training.

When he finally obeys, always pet him. Or you can alternatively initiate play. This way, your cat will gradually learn that come is meant to get his attention during play.



Things to note when teaching your cat to speak English


Keep it short

When you want your kitty to start speaking English, you will have to use short and easy phrases. Usually, phrases that have the desired outcome will be the best to start with. For instance, you can teach your cat that it is time for breakfast by simply saying it. Assuming your cat has a name, call its name and then say ‘breakfast’. This is actually a very complex process as you will have to wait until he responds.

The truth is, you cannot force your kitty to suddenly start speaking English. Therefore, be patient with him as it may take time. How you say these words will also determine how fast your cat learns to respond. The tone and even facial expressions will also be determinants in this training process.


Be consistent


Teaching your cat to start speaking English is not going to work on the first try that’s for sure. In fact, it is going to take some time. Most cat parents give up teaching their cats to speak to them. Cats will generally have low receptive levels and this makes it difficult to train.

Always maintain eye contact when speaking English to your cat. This way, he is aware that you are actually addressing him. It might take weeks or months but you will eventually get your cat to start speaking English. Teach only one phrase at a time to avoid confusion.


Develop a routine with your cat


Having a routine with your cat is quite necessary, especially when you are looking to teach him how to talk. Not only will it assist with the training but also prevent other unwanted habits in your cat. This will, in turn, increase your cat’s reception levels. For instance, a routine will assist in stress and anxiety management for your cat.

Therefore, if you want him to learn the word breakfast, then use it every morning when you are feeding him. Ensure that you feed him at the same time every day while saying the word breakfast. The same goes for when you are training him how to greet. Make sure that you have the same routine every day when you leave the house and also when you come back.


Understand cat Language


This is probably the most important thing you should know about your cat. Well, if you own a kitten, it is likely that he won’t shut up for the first few days. This is because he has been separated from his biological mother.

Not only will he meow out of stress but also in efforts to communicate with you. Cats, like humans, will have their basic needs. For instance, you either have to toilet train him or teach him how to use a litter box. Otherwise, you might have to deal with house soiling problems.

Now, your kitten will want to communicate his needs to you. The only way he knows how to be is through meowing and his body language. Therefore, you will need to learn the cat language even before you train him to be speaking English. Below, we are going to look at some of the most common cat communication cues you may look out for.

A short meow will indicate that your cat sees you and says hello to you. This will be the best time to respond with your own hello. Contrary to meowing back at him, try and teach him how to say hello. Note that kittens are a lot easier to train as compared to adult kitties. Multiple meows from your cat will be his way of portraying his excitement upon seeing you. Also, respond with a hello to him as many times as he meows.

Alternatively, you can teach him how to ‘high five’ instead. You can do this when you are playing or petting him. In the morning, put your arm out such that you want to ‘high five’ with him. Cats are curious and so he is going to want to figure your hand out. However, say ‘high five’ to him repeatedly until he paws your hand or rather emulates you. When he does so, reward him with a few minutes of petting or a treat.




To have your cat speaking English, you should start by understanding his means of communication. This way, you will be able to always understand what he needs. You should then introduce your own language to him. Start when your kitty is still very young in order for it to stick. Also, start with the basic training like ‘hello’ or ‘come.’

The best time to train your cat is in the morning after you feed him. At this time he will be energetic and able to learn quickly as opposed to any other time. Make it a routine for the next few weeks in order for him to understand.

Some cats will learn faster than others and therefore, you should be patient with them. Do not give up on him yet, be consistent with the training and he will gradually learn. In addition, refrain from punishing your cat even when he takes longer to start speaking English.

A cat speaking English is not only amusing but also easy to live with. You will be able to bond with him as you spend time training. Does your cat speak English?

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