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It is common for Siamese cat owners to wonder if bringing another cat home would be a good idea. Knowing that Siamese cats have a unique personality, you cannot help but wonder if they like other cats. In this article, I am going to explore the Siamese cat personality as well as how they relate with other cats. 

Now, when it comes to Siamese cats, they have been labeled the most talkative breed. However, does this make them annoying? I hope you do not feel this way because I love Rainbow and her mischevious, funny and sociable character. 


What makes Siamese cats so unique?


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I am going to be honest with you, even though I have owned pets before, none of them has been like my siamese called Rainbow. She is a special bundle of fur that I would never trade for anything.

Well, I am not going to lie because Siamese cats are talkative. She will follow me around while chatting to me. I mean, I do not think I have ever felt bored when she is around. However, that is not the only thing. Below, I am going to highlight some of the characters that make this breed unique:

She is affectionate 

If there is one thing I can attest to about siamese cats is the fact that they are extremely affectionate. This character makes them an adorable breed to keep. Since the first day I met Rainbow, she has been nothing but affectionate

However, do not forget that the same way she gives you attention and affection is the same way she expects from you. For instance, I cannot count the many times Rainbow comes over to me and sits on my laps. She will then chat me up from there, and sometimes purr to show affection and contentment. 

Their affectionate nature makes them a bit of clingy. When I wake up in the morning, Rainbow, our siamese cat, follows me around. Sometimes she cries for me to let her into the bathroom. 

She is constantly seeking attention

Being such a talkative breed, siamese cats are always looking for attention. Sometimes she will meow to demand your attention. Therefore, I urge siamese cat owners to ensure that they enough of it. 

Giving your cat full attention means playing with her, as well as cuddling her up. Now, when I say playing with her, I mean that you must develop a schedule to play and exercise her. I realized that Rainbow looks forward to spending time with me. 

It helps that I spend most of my days in the house. However, for cat owners with full-time work commitments, it can get quite difficult to provide attention as siamese cats require. 

Sometimes your cat will start meowing excessively when she wants your attention. However, you must examine her to make sure that she is not ill. 

If you have busy days, then getting another cat would not be such a good idea. However, you must know how to introduce them to each other properly. We are going to look at that a little later in the article.

This brings me to the main question, do siamese cats like other cats?

The answer to this question is yes. siamese cats hate being lonely and therefore, getting a second cat is not such a bad idea. besides, siamese cats are very good with other cats. 


Do I need another cat to keep my Siamese cat company?


I have heard cat owners ask me this question. Whether you need another cat to keep your siamese little furry friend company or not is quite a personal question. You will need to think about it before you go ahead to adopt another one. 

I cannot forget to remind you that Siamese cats are extremely territorial. She wants to be the ‘alpha’ in the household, even if you have other pets. Therefore, you must consider the best breed to adopt when you want to bring a new cat home. 

Some of the best cats to bring home may include the following:

  • The Persian cat 
  • Maine Coon
  • Abyssian cat

Do not get me wrong, however. Each cat will have a particular unique personality. You just have to make sure that she gets along with your Siamese cat. The question lies in whether Siamese cats like other cats or they will reject them. 

This will depend on their first impression towards each other, you know, just like in humans. We need to learn other people’s personalities before we can allow them into our circle. 


Do Siamese Cats Like Other Cats


How do I introduce a new cat to my Siamese cat?


Well, bringing a new pet home is not always the easiest thing to do. Since we adopted Rainbow, our Siamese cat, we have had to introduce her to our new puppy. This was not as difficult as it took her a couple of days to get used to the new scent in the house. But apparently, they are best friends now. 

However, introducing a new cat to a Siamese cat is not the same as a puppy. As I have indicated above, Siamese cats tend to be quite territorial, especially over other cats. Therefore, I am going to briefly highlight how to introduce a new cat to your Siamese furry buddy. 


Step 1: Bringing a new cat home


Once you have identified the cat you want to bring home, it is time to bring her home. Unlike how you adopted your Siamese kitty, you must be cautious this time. Remember that your Siamese cat already ‘owns’ your home. And as I mentioned, she can be protective of her territory, which includes you and the entire house. 

Now, before you get your second cat, ensure that you have her ‘territory’ ready. I mean to prepare a room for the new cat. Ensure that this room has a bowl of food, clean water and do not forget several litter boxes. It is going to be her new home for the next few days. 

The purpose of having this room is to enable you to introduce the two cats to each other. Also, you want to create a friendly environment for your new cat without getting your Siamese cat jealous. ensure that the two do not get to see each other in the process.


Step 2: Introducing scents to each other


This is probably the most important step. Since introducing the two cats is a gradual process, it is therefore important that you pay attention. Before your cats get to interact with each other, you must ensure that they are familiar with each other’s scent. 

There are two ways of successfully doing this. One, get your new cat from her room and to another one. During this process, do not let your Siamese cat set her eyes on the new kitty. Do not get me wrong, Siamese cats like other cats but we must take caution to avoid a conflict between the two.

Then after she has settled a bit, get her to another room and let your Siamese cat into the new cat’s territory. She is going to smell the new cat’s scent and get used to it. 

A second method is to rub a cloth on each cat’s body. Target the chin or neck area. this way, you will get the most of pheromones from your cats’ body. Then present the clothes to your cats: present the cloth rubbed on your Siamese cat to the new cat and vice versa. This is also going to introduce your cats to each other’s scent respectively. 


Do Siamese Cats Like Other Cats


Step 3: Introduce them to each other physically


 Once you have successfully introduced your cat to each other, it is now time to introduce them physically. Once again, you must exercise caution for this process. Try feeding them alongside each other. 

Since they have already identified with each other, it is not going to be difficult. Put their food bowls alongside each other. The good thing about Siamese cats is that they are extremely sociable and friendly, even towards other cats. Chances are that they are going to get along with each other. 

If your Siamese cat tends to growl or hiss at the other cat, then you might consider separating them once again. Give them some time to get used to each other’s presence. 




data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Siamese cats are a talkative and also friendly breed. However, while getting another cat, you must be very careful. She will not just accept them immediately. This is why I insist on giving them some time to get used to each other’s scents. 

Getting another cat could also be very helpful for your Siamese cat. This is especially if you have to work from the office. Not only are you providing your cat with a companion but she will not develop other undesirable habits such as meowing out of boredom and loneliness. 

When a Siamese cat accepts another, they are going to play, engage with each other and you will not have to worry about attention-seeking behavior or separation anxiety. 

Are you planning on getting another kitty? 


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