Siamese Cat Cry. What are They Telling You

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If you think cats are all quiet and adorable, you might want to think again. The Siamese cat cry is unmistakable, that is if you have heard it before. It sounds more like a baby’s cry.

However, while her sweet meows can be adorable when she is happy, she can be crazy when she gets mad. Well, wait until she wants something and then you will hear her cat-waul, deafening. Do not get me wrong as the Siamese cat has quite a personality.

Well, before we can get to stop the siamese cat cry, I will tell you everything you may need to know about them. This includes her personality, behavior and also her adorable sociable nature.


The Siamese cat Personality


Siamese Cat Cry


While the Siamese cat may have such a meow, she is also an exciting pet to keep. I mean, she will love you, even though she can sometimes do it hard. Here is everything you might need to know about your siamese cat:


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She is going to meow a lot


This is what we know about the siamese cat. I mean, she is cute with the blue little eyes but she also does not know how to shut up. Sometimes the Siamese cat meow can resemble that of a baby cry. Your cat does not have to be in need of something to meow. She will do it just for the sake; it is almost like she loves her own voice!

Now, should you fail to meet her needs, it is also highly possible that she will make it worse. While cats generally reserve meowing for human-cat communication, the siamese cat is a bit different. She loves talking! You will never get bored when you have a siamese cat.

On the other hand, hand it can get ugly when she is pissed off. Not only will she meow but this time it could be yowling. It happens when your cat demands something and you fail to offer it to her. For instance, when you go to be and she wants to hang out with you, she will give you that long cat wauls, demanding to come in.

I am sure you don’t want to know what she sounds like when she is hungry. She will nag you until you oblige to her demands.


She is quite affectionate


The siamese cat will also love you and show it. While her affectionate nature makes her a good choice for many cat owners. She will spend her day chatting you up, at least for some time. It is not always annoying as it will give you some company throughout the day.

Your siamese cat will settle on your laps and probably give you that sweet cute cry. Well, that is her way to display affection. She might also start head-butting you as a sign of her love for you. Also, she will give you that wild purr as you pet her. Isn’t that lovely?

If you are looking for a companion in a cat, then go for the siamese cat.


She is hyperactive


The siamese cat is an active cat! She will need a lot of stimulation to ensure that she does not get bored. Therefore, be prepared to give her both physical and mental stimulation. Before I go on, I must mention that this breed of cat is quite susceptible to boredom and stress.

Get scratching posts, toys, and climbing furniture for your cat. Also, you must spend quality time with your siamese cat. While their affectionate nature is endearing, your siamese cat will get attached to you. She will follow you around to check out what you are doing.

Ensure that you provide enough playtime with your cat. This is especially right before bedtime to tire her out so that she can fall asleep. Also, this will serve to strengthen the bond between the two of you when you spend time together.


She is a little attention-seeker


Siamese Cat Cry


While your Siamese cat is all adorable, she is also an attention seeker. As we previously mentioned, the Siamese cat loves attention and she will cry if ignored. This is why she might follow you around throughout the day.

Well, once again, you must allow yourself some time to play and pet your kitty. She needs it for survival, I mean it! We cannot blame them since this breed is used to human companions since ancient times. You must, therefore, ensure to play with your kitty every day.


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Now, the fact that meowing is one of the natural characteristics of a Siamese cat, it is not always an acceptable behavior. You might need to lessen the noise she makes by ensuring you meet all her needs. While discussing her personality, we mentioned a few things that may lead to your cat meowing excessively.

Now, we are going to explore the methods to use to stop the Siamese cat cry.


Establish a feeding schedule


I urge every cat owner to set a feeding schedule once they bring their cat home. Not on will it keep her from stressing but it will also stop unacceptable behavior such as unnecessary meowing. Well, you must also ensure that your cat is getting enough to eat.

At the same time, your schedule should also feature playtime and sleep time. The good thing is that cats tend to spend most of their time sleeping. Feed her at the same time every day. This way, you will ensure that she does not nag you for food. Also, provide treats throughout the day. It will ensure that cats that she is full all day long.

However, if you have to work from the office, you may invest in a food puzzle toy. It will dispense treats over a spread period of time.


Clean the litter boxes (See litter box prices on Amazon)


We all know that cats do not appreciate the dirty and stinking environment. If your Siamese cat approaches the litter boxes and starts to cry, then there could be something wrong with it. When it is has been some time since you cleaned, it is time!

Consider changing the entire litter box if you need to. Get rid of the stinking litter boxes and always scoop before you leave and when you come home.


Siamese Cat Cry


Keep her occupied and entertained


Invest in cat toys that will keep your cat entertained at all times. As we mentioned above, this cat requires stimulation. Therefore, schedule some time to play with your Siamese feline friend. Ensure that she does not get bored by stimulating her, especially right before bed.


Give her attention


I cannot insist this enough, you need to pay attention to your Siamese cat. I mean, if you don’t then you are going to experience her frustrated cry. Schedule some time to play with her. Also, groom and pet her to reciprocate her affection.


Check with your vet


When your Siamese cat keeps giving you that painful cry, especially when going to the litter box, you may want to check with your vet. It could be as a result of a urinary tract problem, which is actually a common issue amongst cats.

Your vet will also be able to determine any other medical causes for excessive meowing and crying.




The Siamese cat will cry whenever she needs something and your attention. Owning one is an absolute joy to and she will keep you happy. However, you must also keep her happy in order to keep your bond strong.

How much does your Siamese cat cry or meow? And what keeps her calm?



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