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Siamese cats are intelligent, sociable and quite chatty. Their talkative nature though is not always a turn-off, especially because it is closely tied to their sociable nature. If you just adopted a Siamese cat, do not worry about her talking unless it turns into constant howling. Now, this is not an attractive character, but unfortunately, this adorable breed is prone to howling and excessive meowing.

You will have to understand the difference between meowing and howling. I have previously written about cat talk’ I mentioned that cats reserve their meowing to their human owners. And that they will only meow when they need something. For instance, they want to be let out, or they are hungry. 

However, in the case of a Siamese cat, things are a little different. Siamese cats are generally chatty. She will talk to you endlessly, and it doesn’t mean that she needs something. It is Siamese cat nature to talk and interact with her human parents. Pay attention to the slightest change in her vocalization. When a Siamese cat starts howling, believe me, it is going to be difficult to fall asleep or do anything else. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why your siamese cat is howling to meowing excessively.


Reasons for Siamese cat howling



Now, howling is a little different from meowing. It is loud and you can almost feel the discomfort when your cat is howling. Therefore, howling means that something is going on with your cat. However, do not worry as we are going to outline these reasons right away:


Seeking attention

While the siamese breed is quite adorable, they are also obsessed with attention from their owners. The sad thing about it is that they are willing to do anything to get the attention they need. You must not condone siamese cat howling for attention. 

I have had to deal with Rainbow’s attention-seeking behavior. Do not get me wrong, this is a social breed of cat. It also means that she needs human interaction to feel okay. Even though I had scheduled playtime with her, she still needed more. The mistake I did was to respond to her howling every time for a few days. I later learned that she was seeking attention. 

Be careful not to let your kitty develop this behavior. You are not going to be able to sleep when a siamese cat is howling at night. She can be loud. 

To deal with the attention-seeking behavior, ignore your cat. You must, however, ensure that she is howling to get your attention. If so, do not respond to her at all. Remember that pets adopt certain behaviors because of its outcome. Once she learns that howling is not going to earn her the attention she needs, she will calm down. Always reward her when she is quiet. 


Siamese Cat Howling


Did I mention that a siamese cat is social? Well, they are practically attached to their favorite people in the household. Not to brag but I am our cat’s favorite. Whenever I have to leave home for a few days, she will feel lonely but not as much. This is because other people in the house will keep her occupied. 

For siamese cat owners who live alone, this can be a hard hit for them. I mean, this breed hate being alone in the house. As I have indicated above, they are obsessed with attention. Therefore, leaving her all alone in the house opens a portal of loneliness. 

A lonely cat will start looking for something to do. Well, when a siamese cat starts howling, it is almost like she loves the sound of it. She might not stop howling all day long.

If you do have a 9-5 job, consider getting two of them. They will keep each other busy. Furthermore, loneliness breeds to separation anxiety. And because she is smart, she will mark the times you are likely to leave home, and even the time you get back. In between that time, she might howl and meow which is both unhealthy. 

Also, I cannot fail to mention that loneliness will also stress her. Due to her social nature, toys and TV may not be enough to keep her occupied throughout the day. Therefore, getting another pet might help curb boredom and loneliness, that is if you have to work from the office or something.


Pain and illness

While Siamese cat talking is normal, howling is not. Your siamese cat howling is going to keep you up all night. Therefore, you must not ignore it, especially if it is sudden. It could mean that your cat is in pain or discomfort.

Before we go on, I would like to mention that siamese cats are a healthy breed. However, this does not exempt them from vulnerability to common feline illnesses. For instance, cats are prone to UTIs, hyperthyroidism and siamese cats may develop a pink eye. The point is, you should check on your cat when she starts meowing all of a sudden. 

Observe her and notice any behavioral changes. If you suspect that your cat is ill, take her to your vet for a check-up. 

Siamese cat howling could indicate an illness. As we mentioned above, do not ignore howling until you are sure that your cat is healthy. I have not had health problems with Rainbow myself. Old age could also come with memory loss as well as disorientation. As a result, your Siamese cat might start howling, especially at night. Nighttime howling could cause you trouble with your neighbors as well.


Stress and boredom

Stress and boredom also top the list of the reasons for Siamese cat howling. Sadly, these cats are vulnerable to stress as well as anxiety. Well, given that they have higher energy levels, it is no surprise that under-stimulation is going to lead to boredom. 

There are several situations that lead a stressed Siamese cat. For instance, moving from one place to another is a possible cause of stress. Cats always need to feel safe in their homes. This is why they deposit their scent in different parts of the house. However, when you move from one place to another, your cat gets uncomfortable. As a result, your Siamese cat might start howling. 

Note that this is not the only reason why cats get stressed. there are other factors such as being around new people and too many visits to the vet. At the same time, your cat might be meowing excessively as a result of boredom.

Even when you are working in the other room, make sure that your cat has something that is keeping her busy all day long. Invest in several toys that will help keep her busy. 

Do not forget to schedule play and petting sessions each day. Not only will you form a strong bond with her but you will also ensure that your Siamese cat does not get bored to start howling. 


Siamese Cat Howling

Separation anxiety

A Siamese cat might start howling because of separation anxiety. Once again, they are prone to developing an extreme fear of being alone. We already mentioned that Siamese cats have been domesticated for a few centuries. They always need human interaction. Should you fail to interact with her, she could develop separation anxiety. 

Therefore avoid leaving your Siamese cat alone for long periods of time. If you have to work away from the house every day, consider getting another pet for them to play with your cat. Fortunately, Siamese cats are quite good with other cats. 


Needs to breed

In some cases, your Siamese cat might start howling because she/he wants to breed. If your cat is unspayed, there is a chance that howling is a sign that your cat needs to breed. If she has suddenly started howling, it could be that she is in heat. Observe for signs of a cat in heat such as spraying urine as well as restlessness.

She is usually howling in order to attract male counterparts for mating. If you are not looking to breed your cat, then it is best to get her spayed immediately these signs subside. However, do not get her spayed while she is still in heat. It could lead to complications. Your vet will advise on the way forward.




In conclusion, Siamese cats are adorable. They are known for their sociable and talkative nature. However, because of their attachment to their human owners, these cats are prone to developing stress, boredom, and anxiety. As a result, your Siamese cat might start howling, which is quite undesirable. Therefore, keep an eye on her when you notice her howling. 

Always focus on determining the reason behind howling. As we mentioned above, talking is part of a Siamese cat character. However, howling could be as a result of the above-discussed reasons. If she is doing it to get your attention, do not respond until she keeps quiet. However, if you suspect that she is ill, then you have to rush her to the Vet.




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