How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet. This Works

How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet

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At some point, your cat might form the habit of urinating on the carpet. When this happens, you might start feeling frustrated or irritated about having a cat in your house. For a fact, the smell of cat urine is quite strong and usually spreads all over the house in a matter of seconds. That is why your question “How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet” is going to be answered.


When a cat urinates on the carpet, the smell is very hard to remove, and this might be quite undulating to the cat owners. This means that if you don’t put enough effort at trying to remove them, the smell of the urine will linger in the house for a very long time.


Note that when cats notice that there are areas in the house that smell like their urine, they will keep urinating on the same spot. This is most of the time, a hard problem to deal with. There are many reasons why cats would stop urinating in their boxes.


Therefore, to solve the problem, there is a need to understand why it happens in the first place. Some of the issues contributing to the problem include complications with the urinary bladder and the type of litter that you have for them.


Also, if you have many cats in the house, they might have some conflicts that could lead to some of them being unable to use the litter boxes. If you keep reading this piece, you will learn how to stop a cat from peeing on the carpet.


Preventing Your Cat from Peeing on the Carpet


How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet


The first step in dealing with the problem involves taking your cat to a veterinarian. They will help you to identify whether it is a problem that is related to a medical issue. Some medical complications might be making your cat urinate on the carpet instead of doing it in the litter box.


Therefore, before trying any procedures to rectify the main problem, it is advisable to take your cat to an expert. If they learn that a medical issue causes the problem, they will provide the most appropriate medical solution.


By having your cat checked by a vet, you will ensure that he is in good health, even if it is not related to its urinating on the carpet. If you want to know if your cat is peeing on the carpet due to medical problems, then one or more of the things listed below will be observed.


What to Observe


If your cat has a medical complication(s), you will notice that it squats for longer durations. You are also likely to observe some blood in the urine. This might be accompanied by frequent meowing and urination. The other thing that might indicate health deterioration is when your cat gets too vocal while trying to urinate.


When these things happen, your cat might choose to avoid the litter box, but that could be frustrating to the owner. Though you can make these observations on your own, you stand a chance to learn more from the vet, so you need to make an effort to see one.


Use an Enzymatic Cleaner to Clean Accidents (See prices on Amazon)


You can prevent your cat from using the same spot by cleaning right after the accidents occur. Though it is hard to be observant enough to witness accidents while they happen, just try to clean up as soon as you realize they happened. Instead of using the ammonia-based cleaner, try to use the enzymatic cleaner. If you use the ammonia-based cleaner, then you might have to be ready to do a lot more cleaning.


This is because your cat will be triggered to use the same spot as ammonia gives a smell that it might think belongs to another cat’s urine. Cats like to compete, and it might use that spot to cover the smell with its own urine. Here is what you need to do in case the problem gets severe.


If you notice that your carpet has been heavily soiled, it is advisable to have it professionally cleaned to make the smell of the urine go away permanently.


You might learn that some carpets might not be cleanable, especially if the accidents were not cleaned as soon as they happened. If you learn that some rugs have been soiled repeatedly, you need to remove them from your house.


Find the Spot that Your Cat Likes to Urinate on and Place a Litter Box Right There.


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How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet


Once your cat has started to use the rug and carpet to urinate, you can motivate her to use the litter box instead, by placing it on that same spot. Once she has used the box for at least one month, you need to move it at least an inch per day until it is back to where you would want it to be. You should only move it an inch per day so that she does not notice the transition process.


How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet


Have the Area Rugs and Carpet Runners Upside Down


In some instances, cats tend to develop a tendency to use a specific rug or carpet as their bathroom. You can discourage them from carrying that habit by turning over the carpet runners and rugs. You should try to flip over your rugs and carpets and leave them that way for some days and see whether that would discourage your cats from using them as a bathroom.


Double-Sided Sticky Tape on the Edges of Carpets and Rugs Might Help


There are chances that by using sticky tape on the rug, you can prevent cats from using them as a bathroom. Using the double-sided sticky tape on rug edges and spots where your cat tends to urinate more.


Play with the Cat Around the Litter Box (See Litter Box Prices on Amazon)


Some cats might develop the tendency to urinate on the rugs and carpets just because they have lost or developed a negative attitude toward using the litter box. To improve and maintain their association with the litter box, you can do things like playing with them around the same spot for some time.


To make this activity a success, try to play with your cat just a few inches from the litter box every day so that it gets comfortable around it.


Though you should do your best to make your cat use the litter box at all times, you should not give it treats for having used it either. If you do this, your cat will only learn that she has to be rewarded for using the litter box, but that is not what you want.


However, it is okay to leave toys and some treats near the litter box for your cat. Note that it is wrong to place the cat dish near the litter box. This is because your cat might not eat too close to where it pees.


No Improvement? talk to Your Vet One More Time


Though it takes time and effort to make your cat start using the litter box again, at times, you might learn that your hard work does not payback. Some vets are trained to help cat owners who are struggling to make their pets start using the litter box.

This is why you are supposed to entrust your success to the vet in your locality. If after trying for some time, you don’t see impressive or promising results, then it is time to make contact with your local vet one more time.


How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet

You Should Understand Problems Related to the Litter Box


It is advisable that you consider the number of times you have your litter box cleaned within a given duration. Cats do not appreciate using a dirty litter box, and they might start going to the bathroom elsewhere if they want to urinate. If you don’t take a keen interest in cleaning your litter box every day, then this might be the reason your cat goes to the bathroom on the carpet.


Try to do some thorough cleaning on the litter box at least once every week. You should also make sure that you remove the box and clean it with warm water to keep it clean and healthy for your cat to use. Try to use unscented soap and ensure that the box is perfectly dry before taking it back to the house.


If you do not have the time to do all the thorough cleaning regularly, you can opt for a self-cleaning litter box.


Ensure to Have Enough Litter Boxes in the House


It is essential that you have enough litter boxes in the house if you have more than one cat at home. For instance, you should consider having four litter boxes if you are keeping three cats. If you have fewer litter boxes compared to the number of cats, then this might be the reason some of them are urinating on the carpet.


Make Sure that the Litter Box is Easily Accessible


At some point, you might find that the cat has to make long trips to get to the litter box. The litter box might also be positioned in a place that your cat cannot reach easily. If this is the case, they will have no choice but to urinate on the carpet and rugs.

For the best results, your cat should be able to see approaching animals and humans from the position of the litter box so that they can getaway. If your cat is older, you are supposed to give them litter boxes that are easily accessible, with lower sides. Try to have your litter box placed over the spots that your cats like to urinate.


The Litter Might be the One Causing the Problem


Some cats tend to dislike using some litter boxes because of their texture or how they smell. Some of them might also not use the litter because it seems to be too deep. Therefore, you need to ensure that the litter is not too deep or too shallow. To know what is best for your cat, try to provide it with different types of litters and see what she prefers most.


To make the work easier, try to give her alternatives by placing two different types of boxes on the carpet. The boxes should be placed right next to each other. You are supposed to check to confirm the one that they used. Note that to most cats, shallow litter boxes are the best to use to go to the bathroom.


Make Sure that the Litter Box is Comfortable


If a cat does not like the size or shape of a litter box, she will not use it. The liners of the litter box might cause discomfort to your cat, thereby making them stop using it. If your litter box has a hood and liner, make sure that you remove them and see if your cat will start using the box.


In some cases, stress might be causing your cat to urinate on the carpet. If your house is noisy, with children playing on the floor, your cat might feel stressed and start urinating on the carpet. It is essential to have the litter box placed in a semi-dark environment that is not often accessed by humans. If the box is in an area with high traffic, then your cat will never use it.


Go through the past and current medical conditions of your cat. With the help of medical history, you might be able to find out what might be making your cat avoid the litter box.




Your vet can help you know how to stop cats from peeing on the carpet. However, you need to start by trying out the techniques mentioned above. Since your vet will charge some money, only see them after trying using these steps without receiving substantial results.


Note that stopping a cat from peeing on the carpet needs time, effort and patience. Therefore, you should not think that your efforts are not bearing fruits when you have only tried for a few days.

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