6 Ways To Stop a Cat From Peeing on the Carpet

Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box and Throwing Up

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6 Ways to Stop a Cat from peeing on the carpet


It is likely that you have been struggling with controlling your cat to stop peeing on the carpet if you are looking this up. Do not despair as we are about to explore some of the most effective methods in which you can be able to stop your cat from peeing everywhere, especially on the carpet. You must first identify the reason behind your cat eliminating inappropriately before you sort the problem out.

Therefore, monitor and discover the reason behind your cat urinating inappropriately. Below are the top way that you may use to curb this disgusting behavior;


Wash the carpet


Washing off the cat urine from your carpet should be the first thing you do upon noticing the behavior. Not only will this help you remove the smell and stains, but also stop your cat from repeating the behavior. Once again, if a cat has sprayed a particular surface, there is a likelihood that she will come back. Usually, she is going to identify the spot by the smell of the urine. When you erase the smell, she will not be prompted to pee on the spot once again.

This might sound easy but getting the cat pee smell off your carpet is not going to be a walk in the park. Remember that your cat has a stronger sense of smell than you. Therefore, use enzymatic cleaners to completely get rid of the pee smell.

In addition, you can wash the spot with water and vinegar solution. This will help clean the stains as well as repel the cat from coming back to pee on the carpet.


Take your cat to the vet


In the first section of this article, we identified that your cat’s behavior of eliminating inappropriately can be a result of an illness. This is why you should make a point and take your cat to the vet whenever she starts peeing on the carpet.

Your vet will be able to conduct a close examination and rule out any medical cause for the behavior. In the case where your cat is suffering from an illness, the vet will be able to recommend the best treatment method.

Some of the most common illnesses causing your cat to pee inappropriately include crystalluria, which is the formation of crystals in your cat’s urine. Usually, this causes inflammation of the bladder and hence inappropriate elimination. The vet is going to treat your cat using drug therapy and in severe cases, she may need surgery to remove the crystals.

Urinary tract infections are also common, especially in older female cats. Your cat may tend to have difficulties in peeing as she can feel the burning sensation. It is also likely that your cat will not be able to make it to the litter box when she needs to pee. Your vet is once again going to administer the best treatment and get rid of the illnesses.

Other underlying illnesses like kidney infection and diabetes will need more specialized care. It is important to have the vet carry out tests to determine the illness-causing inappropriate urination in cats.


Clean the litter boxes


Unclean litter boxes are the leading reasons why your cat will not use them. This is because cats do not like dirt and are sensitive to smells. She is definitely going to tell when you have not scooped the latter. It is therefore important to encourage our cats to use the litter box every now and then during the day, preferably after every use.

You should always make sure that the litter in the boxes does not hold the cat pee smell. This might discourage your cat from using the litter box. This is why you should change it often, to make sure that the litter box feels fresh and clean to your cat.

In addition to this, consider changing the entire box once every few weeks. However, do not change the locations of the litter box. This may confuse your cat when trying to find the latter. Make sure that the boxes are strategically located within easy rich by your cat.


Treat Anxiety


Almost all cats have developed some kind of anxiety at some point in their lives. This is because cats are particularly prone to the disorder due to their vulnerability. When your cat appears anxious and starts to pee all over the house, you should look for the stimuli.

Identify the object or element causing fear in the household. For instance, if your cat is peeing on the carpet because she is afraid of your family dog, is important to separate the two. This way, your cat will not feel the need to avoid the litter box.

The outside world is also a common perpetrator of anxiety in cats. If you let your cat watch the outside happenings, it is likely that you will have issues with her urinating in the house. This is because she thinks that the passersby and even other cats are a threat to her safety. She is then going to be extra vigilant and end up peeing everywhere to chase the intruders away, just like she would in the wild.

In order to treat anxiety in cats, you should, therefore, make sure that she is not exposed to the stimuli in the first place. Instead, block the windows and any other place from where she can see the outside world.


Provide toys


Having exciting toys is a must for all cat owners. Like said earlier, your cat can easily get bored, especially with your absence. In order to communicate her frustration, she may go ahead to pee on the carpet. You should not encourage this behavior whatsoever.

Instead, provide toys for your cat to play with when you are away from home. You can spend the playtime teaching your cat how to use the latter. Not only are they going to keep your cat busy but also entertained. This way, she will not indulge in some undesirable behaviors or act up from boredom.

In addition to offering your cat toys, it is also important to allocate some time to bond with her. Playtime and petting are the only way our cats feel our affection. This will not only make her more at ease but also feel loved and accepted in your family. Spare a few minutes of your day to check up on your cat’s emotional health and also connect with her.


Reasons why your cat is peeing on the carpet


Before you go ahead and explore some of the ways in which you can top a cat from inappropriate elimination, you must first discover why she is doing so. As much as it is embarrassing and inconvenient for you, take a moment and study your cat. Remember that humans and cats have very different ways of life. Fortunately, we have been able to study cat behavior and thereby allowing easy domestication. Here are the most common reasons why cats pee on the carpet:




This should be your primary concern when you find your cat peeing on the carpet. It is likely that your cat will empty her full bladder right there. Before speculating the reason behind the habit, let me help you understand the illnesses that may lead to inappropriate elimination in cats.

At this point, it is important to understand that there is a difference between peeing on the carpet and spraying. Usually, inappropriate elimination is characterized by your cat depositing urine horizontally onto a surface. On the other hand, spraying usually involves a cat spraying on a vertical surface like ways, windows, and doors. In this article, we are going to focus on both behaviors.

In the case where your cat is emptying her bladder fully on the carpet, you should have her checked by a vet. This way, you will be able to control and prevent any illnesses like kidney infections or even diabetes. Your vet will give a full diagnosis upon examination.

In other cases, when you find several patches of your cat’s urine, it could indicate that your cat is having urinary tract issues. Once again, this will be for your vet to rule. You will need to pay attention to your cat’s elimination behavior. If she seems to have irregular peeing patterns accompanied by painful urination, do not hesitate to take your kitty to the vet’s office.


Cat anxiety


Due to their sensitive nature, cats are prone to developing anxiety disorders. This is especially if your cat has been subjected to several situations. In order to address the issue of cat peeing on the carpet, you will have to provide a comfortable environment for your cat.

Unfortunately for you, your cat will develop anxiety from the simplest triggers. Usually, this disorder originates from fear, especially when a cat is alone at home. A distraction on the outside may cause anxiety in your cat, even if he cannot see what is happening.

Your cat may also experience extreme fear of seeing a stranger or stray pet. If you have your neighbor’s dog loitering in the yard, your cat is going to sniff them out. As a result, your cat may feel insecure in that someone/something is invading her personal space.

Another scenario that could lead to anxiety is when you have someone taking care of your kitty when you are away. For instance, your cat will definitely feel your absence and in most cases, she will be scared. As a result of the extreme fear, your cat may pee on the carpet. Unfortunately, this does not stop there as once she pees, she is likely to come back.

In addition to this, if you happen to have more than one cat, a new cat joining the group may also experience anxiety. She may pee on the carpet as a way to familiarize herself with the new environment. She can also be doing so as a result of fear of the bigger and probably hostile cat in the household.



Change in your lifestyle


Change is difficult to adapt to, even to humans. However, it is also inevitable as we keep changing our way of living. Your cat is not going to welcome any change in the household very well. She wants things to always be the same and will act up upon changing anything.

For example, if you change her diet, she might start acting up. A mentioned earlier, cats use their urine to communicate. By peeing on the carpet, she is simply rejecting the changes you have reinforced on her. By getting back to her previous diet, you will be able to stop the habit as she will feel more at ease.

Changing your schedule could also lead to your cat acting up. For instance, leaving home for longer periods than usual alters your cat’s routine. She knows when to expect you back home. When you are late, he might pee on the carpet as a result of anxiety and stress.

Major changes in your lifestyle like moving to a new residence, or moving in with your spouse, is going to affect your cat as well. In fact, she might pee on everything in the new home when she is trying to familiarize herself with the surroundings. She might also pee on your partner’s items in order to mix her cent with theirs. This will definitely seal the bond between them.


Dirty litter boxes



The litter boxes should be the first thing you check when you realize that your cat is peeing on the carpet. This is because poor litter box hygiene is a common reason behind inappropriate elimination in the feline family.

Cats, as we said before, are sensitive creatures with strong senses of smell and hearing. This means that your kitty will be able to pick any odor coming from the litter boxes. In order to keep the litter boxes clean, you should first monitor your cat’s peeing behaviors. You will be able to monitor her pattern and thus clean the boxes regularly.

Your cat is definitely going to refuse to use the soiled litter boxes. And since she has to pee, she is going to look for another place to do so. Most cats target the carpet because it has a soft feel on your cat’s paws and it is fluffy.

The type of litter you choose for your cat will also determine whether your cat will want to use the litter box. So make sure that he is comfortable with what you get for her.


Cat in heat


When you have an intact cat, there is a likelihood that you deal with your cat peeing everywhere, every now and then. Well, for people who are not looking to get a litter of kittens, or to breed the cat, then having them spayed is an important step to stop the cat from peeing on the carpet and other surfaces.

Well, most cats will not exhibit any signs of being in heat until they get to the age of 6 months. At this age, she has become mature enough for reproduction, which means she is going to look for a mate. In order to attract a male cat, your female cat will want to leave a trail to follow. This is a genetic behavior that you may not be able to control. It is the way felines communicate.

The urine, in this case, will contain a pungent smell and you may also find several patches of cat pee on the carpet on the furniture. Intact cats will do this every time they are in season.




If you own a kitty, then you must understand how clingy and attention-seeking they might be. When we leave our cats at home, they have pretty much nothing to do. All she is going to do is chill and probably act up until you get back home. This is why it is never a good idea to leave them idle at home.

Idleness and boredom open a window for anxiety. Your cat may feel vulnerable whenever you are away from home. However, if you provide enough and exciting toys for your cats, there is a chance that she will be okay.





In conclusion, the key to stopping a cat from peeing on the carpet is to identify the reason behind this habit. Identify the fear-causing elements and eliminate them. The goal is to provide an environment where your cat feels at ease in your home. If you are running a multi-cat home, this should be your primary focus; comfort and security.

Allocating different times and spending time with each one of your cats will give you an insight into individual behavior. Wash off the smell and stains before employing any methods to stop your cat from peeing on the carpet. Additionally, make sure that she is not sick by having her tested for any underlying illnesses. I hope the above-discussed measures are going to help you stop inappropriate urination in cats.

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A cat urinating on the carpet is not unusual, every cat owner will tell you. However, the challenge is usually trying to stop them. This is because peeing anywhere and everywhere may be a way for your cat to communicate.

This article is going to outline some of the reasons and how to stop a cat from peeing on the carpet.



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