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Cat spraying is not exactly pleasant behavior, even though most of our cats will engage in this habit at some point. Male cats are particularly notorious when we are talking about spraying. Not only does this leave a trail of stains but getting the smell out of your house is bad enough. However, in order to stop male cat spraying, you will first have to identify the cause of this behavior.


Why is my male cat spraying and how to stop it?



Well, there are several reasons related to cat spraying, most of which we can be able to control. Thanks to the years of research, we are able to understand feline behavior and thus domestication is easier. But what leads a litter-trained kitty to spray urine? Not only can this be a result of behavioral issues but it can also be caused by medical or natural issues. You will have to determine the reason behind your male cat spraying before you can be able to stop him.


Behavioral issues leading to cat spraying


In order to facilitate the domestication of cats, we have been able to study cat behavior. And one common behavior in felines is how they communicate using their urine. Whether your cat wants to tell you that he is sick, anxious, or even stressed, he is definitely going to spray urine everywhere. Let us look at all these behavioral causes for your male cat spraying;




Cat stress is among the leading reasons why a male cat sprays. Cats are generally very sensitive in terms of their environments. She wants to be comfortable in order to be in peace. Luckily, we have mastered how to make them feel safe and free of danger.

However, sometimes you might not be in control of your cat’s emotional condition. For instance, due to work and life requirements, you might be out of town for a while. This not only leaves your cat vulnerable but it is also going to cause some kind of stress in your cat. He will start thinking of you and why you are missing in action. This will gradually develop to stress, leading to spraying.

In addition, if your cat feels like you are not offering enough resources, he might also react. This is common in multi-cat homes where they have to compete for food, litter boxes, and even toys. Therefore, ensure that there are enough toys to stimulate your cats when you are away from the house.

Once again, it is inevitable to leave your cat all alone at home. However, you will need to understand that cats also get bored and lonely. In return, he is going to pee all over since he has nothing better to do. Always make sure that you leave something exciting for your cat before leaving the house. This way, he is going to be occupied for the better part of the day.

Anxiety goes hand in hand with cat stress only that it is quite easy to get your cat anxious. Having people over in your house, getting another cat or even a new baby is likely to trigger anxiety. Your cat will start seeking your attention through undesirable behaviors such as spraying your items.




Your cat will spray urine whenever he is afraid of someone or something. For instance, getting a dog can possibly instill fear in your cat. She is going to be even more afraid if she has never lived with a dog before. Well, it is going to take some time before she can adjust to living with it.

Another example is when you leave your cat under someone’s care. Well, sometimes you will have to do this because of life circumstances and you cannot leave him to starve. However, this is a good idea, but your cat hates that you are not there. Sometimes he is going to be scared every time your friend comes to feed and take care of her.

Whenever your cat is so afraid, he will curl up in your bed, or favorite spot. Additionally, your kitty will try and reach out to you, seeking your affection. When you are not there, the fear may be extreme and he will pee on your favorite item, usually fabrics. He is trying to connect with you by mixing your scent with his in order to feel your presence.

Your cat can also get vulnerable when you are away from home. For instance, if your cat sees another cat or neighborhood dog approaching your homestead, he might spray out of fear. This is especially when there is a barking dog outside your home.


Unruly behavior


Other cats adopt the habit of spraying urine whenever they feel like it. This will leave your house messy and for no reason. You will need to retrain your kitty in order to get him to start using the litter box instead.


Natural behavior contributing to cat spraying



As mentioned before, spraying is sometimes a result of natural behavior. These are the behaviors that your cat is equipped with in order to survive in the wild. Unfortunately, domestication does not take away the wild instincts and response behavior in cats. These natural behaviors include;




Generally, cats are very protective of their own and also their environments. This means that whenever there is anything threatening the security of your home, your cat is going to react. However, we are social beings, which means that we sometimes have friends over in our houses.

Our cats might feel like there is an intrusion of privacy and thus react towards the threat. Usually, spraying urine all over is the most common reaction from your cat.

In addition to this, your cat might be reacting to strangers in the streets! Once again, the sight of a strange element is perceived as a threat by your cat, or even intrusion. In order to let the intruder know that the home is protected and that they are trespassing, your cat will use his urine to mark territories.


Cat in heat


If your cat is intact, then you have to stop your male cat from spraying every time he is on heat. Male cats are particularly very territorial, especially if he is intact. Not only will he mark because he is in the heat but will react to the slightest intrusion, and sometimes even your door. Now, when your cat is in heat, spraying is for marking territories as well as attracting a potential mate.

In this situation, your cat is trying to communicate his intentions to the female cats. He wants to let them know that he is available for mating. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do in order to keep your cat from engaging in the habit of spraying urine when in heat. All you can do is to comfort and calm him down during the season.

Note that cats tend to be quite territorial when in heat. Therefore, do not be surprised when your kitty won’t stay calm. This can also be accompanied by increased vocalization and restlessness. Your vet can also give you something to calm your cat.


Medical reasons for cat spraying


As we had discussed earlier, your cat can also be spraying because of medical issues. Even though it is rare, male cats also develop urinary tract issues. In fact, these issues are actually more difficult to detect and treat on time in male kitties. However, spraying is among the main characteristics of illness in cats. These illnesses may include;


Inflammation of bladder (Crystalluria)


A cat with crystalluria means that he has crystals formed in his urinary tract. These crystals make it difficult for your cat to pass urine and thus the inflammation of his bladder. Usually, the symptoms of crystalluria feature spraying small amounts of urine with a pungent smell. Your cat will also have increased vocalization and also frequent urination.

You will need to see a vet upon observing these signs for examination.

Bladder stones

Just like with crystalluria, a cat with bladder stones will also have crystals in the urinary tract. Only that this time the crystals are larger and will completely block your cat’s track. This makes it completely impossible for your cat to pass urine. If not addressed soon enough, it could lead to other kidney complications.

Usually, your vet is going to recommend surgery to remove the crystals.

Urinary tract infections

Even though quite rare in male cats, it is possible for your cat to develop a urinary tract infection. This causes spraying in that you will find small patches of cat urine all over the house. Not only is it difficult for your cat to get to the litter box but peeing is so painful. He will experience frequent urination and sometimes the urine will contain blood. You should seek medical attention for him as soon as possible.

In addition to these illnesses, your male cat can also pee all over because of other underlying health issues. For instance, a cat with diabetes or hyperthyroidism will also pee inappropriately. This is because he might not remember the litter box location, or probably cannot hold pee for long. Therefore, it is important for you to get her checked up either way.


How do I stop my male cat spraying urine everywhere?



Now that we have already outlined some of the most common reasons for cat spraying, it is time to get to the bottom of it. You will need to identify the reason why your cat is spraying before you can stop him. I hope you have already done that, using the above-discussed tips.

We are not going to look at how to stop male cat spraying. I mean, not only is it embarrassing to have a house smelling of cat pee, but it is also likely that he has ruined some of your items. Below are some of the tips that are going to help you get rid of the spraying behavior in your cat;


Play with your cat


It is very important that you spend a lot of time with your cat. This way, you will be able to observe her behavior. In addition to this, we have identified that boredom and loneliness will generate other undesirable behaviors in cats. However, when you play with your cat, you eliminate the two. Allocate some time, particularly right before you leave the house. This will not only stimulate him mentally but also physically.

In addition, your cat may be spraying to seek your attention and affection. Playtime is where you give him all the affection he might need. This is because you are somehow able to connect with him and strengthen the bond that you share with him.

Through playing with your cat, you will be able to pick these habits before they can get worse. For instance, if you spend quality time with your cat, you will be definitely be getting rid of anxiety and stress-related issues.

Provide toys for your cat to play with when you are not at home. You do not want him to have so much time and nothing to do. Get exciting toys that are sophisticated enough for mental stimulation. In addition, you may leave your music on for your cat. This will keep him calm and undistracted by the outside noise and activities.


Take your cat for a checkup


This is necessary when your cat starts to pee all of a sudden. Well, as we had discussed earlier, cats are prone to feline urinary tract problems, and your male cat is no exemption. Therefore, when you notice your cat spraying, and most importantly when he has a different peeing pattern.

Cat spray from a sick cat will usually have a foul pungent smell that you cannot stand. In addition, observe for symptoms like frequent urination, pain when peeing as well as an inability to hold urine. Take your kitty to the vet for a check-up immediately.

It is important to note that some urinary tract issues could be life-threatening if left untreated. Your vet will be able to conduct a close examination and detect any of the mentioned illnesses. Thereafter, the vet will recommend the necessary treatment measures that you should take to get your cat to feel much better.


Clean the litter boxes



Another common reason for cat spraying is a dirty litter box. First of all, you should understand that your cat is quite particular when it comes to his grooming. He wants everything to be as clean as per his standards. Once the litter box starts to stink, your cat will most likely avoid using it completely. He will start spraying in order to express his frustrations.

Therefore, you should maintain high standards of hygiene when it comes to the litter box. Make sure that you scoop the latter at least twice each day. The cat litter should be soft and kind to your cat’s paws as he needs to be comfortable. In addition to this, you can add a few litter boxes in the house to offer more options.

Also, change the litter box every now and then to ensure that it is not smelly. This is aimed at encouraging your cat to use the litter box.


Clean the sprayed spot


Whenever there is that stench of cat urine in the house, it is going to make it impossible to get rid of the spraying behavior. Every time your cat picks up the smell, he is going to be tempted to do it all over again. Therefore, you will have one spot on your house smelling of cat pee at all times.

Therefore, once you realize that your cat is spraying, it is important you pick all the stains in the house. To do this, you can use a black light to identify the places that have been sprayed by your cat. This way, you will be able to identify the spots and embark on washing them off.

Due to the concentrated nature of your cat’s urine, the stains and smells are quite difficult to remove. In fact, using water and normal detergent is not going to do it for you. Therefore, invest in enzyme cleaners or go for homemade cleaners.

Ensure that all the stains are gone. If you can, take the washed items outside to dry. It is also helpful to restrict your cat from accessing the washed spot until it is all dry.


Get your cat neutered


Once again, your cat might be spraying urine all over because he needs to mate. Well, for people looking to breed their cats, this might not be an option. Whenever your cat is in heat, he is going to spray in effort to attract a mate. However, if he is an indoor cat, there is a likelihood that he is not going to get a mate. Therefore, you will constantly have to control spraying behavior.

Unless you are looking to breed your cat, you should consider getting him neutered. This way, you will eliminate his need to reproduce and his protective nature. As we had already discussed, urine marking is a sign of protectiveness. Unneutered cats tend to be more hostile than those that are neutered.

Lastly, it is important to keep checking on your cat’s emotional health. This way you will be able to know when he is stressing or anxious about something. In most cases, your cat will spray as a way to express his frustrations, fear, or protectiveness.

By playing with your cat and connecting with him, you will minimize the chances of your cat developing anxiety and stress. You should make sure that your cat is happy at all times. I hope the above tips will help you stop a male cat from spraying.


In Conclusion


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