Can Two Feral Cats Get Along? You Will Be Surprised

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Feral cats are wild cats that have never had any contact with humans. They are the offspring of abandoned or lost pet cats and live in colonies. In most cases, feral cats avoid contact with people. However, they will form bonds with other feral cats. Here we will discuss whether two feral cats can get along.


Can two feral cats get along?


Can two feral cats get along? In most cases, yes.

Feral cats are not used to living with humans and, thus, do not have the same socialization skills as pet cats. However, this does not mean they cannot learn to live together.

Many feral cats form close bonds with each other and can be pretty affectionate towards one another.

The key is to provide them with plenty of space and opportunities to socialize.

For example, you might set up two feeding stations side by side so that they can eat together or provide them with climbing shelves and perches so they can nap nearby.


You can help two feral cats learn to live harmoniously with patience and understanding.


In general, it is thought that two feral cats from the same colony are more likely to get along than two feral cats from different territories.

This is because they have already established a social hierarchy within their colony and are less likely to challenge each other for dominance.

Additionally, they will already be familiar with each other’s scent and vocalizations, which can help reduce stress levels and promote harmony between the two cats.

Of course, there is always the possibility that two feral cats from the same colony will not get along.

If this is the case, separating them into different living areas is best, so they can have their own space.

Allowing them to continue living near each other is likely to result in stress and conflict, leading to severe injury or even death.


How is the hierarchy of a feral cat colony formed?


When people think of feral cats, they often picture a scruffy cat prowling around a dumpster. While it’s true that some feral cats do live on the fringe of society, many others live in colonies with their families.

These colonies can be found in urban areas, farms, and wilderness areas. Feral cats are not socialized to humans, but they are very social with other cats.

Each colony has a distinct hierarchy, with a matriarch at the top.

The matriarch is typically the oldest and most experienced cat in the colony. She sets the rules and keeps the peace.

Underneath her are the queens, who are responsible for having kittens. The rest of the colony comprises adult males and juvenile females.

The males protect the colony from outsiders, while the juvenile females help to care for the kittens. This hierarchy helps to keep the territory safe and organized.



Two feral cats can get along depending on the individual cats involved. In general, it is thought that two feral cats from the same colony are more likely to get along than two feral cats from different territories.

Suppose you have two feral cats that you would like to live together. In that case, it is best to closely monitor their interactions first and be prepared to separate them into different living areas if necessary.

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