Why are feral cats so skinny? The Truth About Feral Cats’ Weight

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Feral cats are often malnourished and underweight. There are several reasons for this, including their diet and their lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ll look at why feral cats are so skinny and what you can do to help them if you come across one.


Why are feral cats so skinny?


Feral cats are skinny for a variety of reasons.

  • First, they often have difficulty finding food. They may not have access to regular meals and must scavenge for whatever they can find. This can lead to malnourishment and health problems.


  • In addition, feral cats may constantly be on the move in search of food, which can use up a lot of energy and cause them to lose weight.


  • Finally, many feral cats are plagued by parasites such as fleas and ticks, which can further drain their energy and resources. As a result, it is not surprising that feral cats are often quite skinny.

However, they can quickly regain their health and put on weight with proper care and nutrition.


Feral Cat Diets


One of the main reasons feral cats are so skinny is because of their diet. Feral cats typically eat small prey, such as rodents or birds.

This diet is high in protein but low in fat and calories, which can lead to weight loss over time. Additionally, feral cats often don’t have regular access to food and may go days without eating. This further contributes to weight loss and malnourishment.


Feral Cat Lifestyle

Another reason feral cats are often underweight is because of their lifestyle.

Feral cats live outdoors and are constantly on the move, which burns many calories.

They also don’t have regular shelter access, making it difficult to stay warm in cold weather. This combination of factors can lead to weight loss over time.

Additionally, feral cats often don’t have regular access to veterinary care, which means they may not be able to get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.


Are Feral Cats more skinny in the winter or summer?


It is a common misconception that feral cats are more skinny in the winter. While it is true that they may have less access to food during the winter months, they are more likely to put on weight.

This is because they need to burn more calories to keep warm, and they often do not have the opportunity to hunt as much.

In the summer, however, feral cats have an abundance of prey to choose from. This means they can eat their fill and put on some extra body fat.

This extra fat helps them to survive the lean winter months. As a result, while feral cats may appear thinner in the winter, they are actually in better condition during this time of year.


What can be done for skinny feral cats?


Several things can be done to help skinny feral cats.

  • First, provide them with regular access to fresh, clean water. This will help them stay hydrated and prevent dehydration, which can lead to serious health problems.


  • Second, feed them a high-quality diet rich in proteins and nutrients. This will help them gain weight and improve their overall health.


  • Third, shelter them from the elements. This will protect them from the cold and heat, which can further exacerbate their condition.


  • Finally, have them spayed or neutered. This will help reduce their stress levels and improve their overall health.

By taking these steps, you can provide skinny feral cats with the care they need to thrive.




Feral cats are often malnourished and underweight due to their diet and lifestyle. If you come across a feral cat, you can help by providing them with food and shelter. However, it would be best to take them to a vet to get the necessary care.

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