Cats and the Quran: Why don’t they cross it?

If you’re a cat lover, you might have noticed that your feline friend has a habit of avoiding particular objects in your home. For example, while some cats will happily walk across a book or a piece of paper, others will go to great lengths to avoid them. So, why don’t cats cross the Quran?


Why don’t cats cross the Quran?


There are several reasons why cats don’t cross the Quran.

  • For one, the Quran is a sacred text in Islam and is treated with great respect.


  • Cats are considered clean animals in Islam, so crossing the Quran would be regarded as disrespectful.


  • Finally, it is believed that cats have special powers, and crossing the Quran would unleash their energy in a way that could be harmful to humans.

In short, there are several cultural and religious reasons cats don’t cross the Quran.


There are a few possible explanations for this behavior.


First, it’s essential to understand that cats are susceptible to vibration. For example, when they walk across a book or piece of paper, they can feel the vibrations created by their footsteps. This doesn’t bother most cats, but some find it unpleasant.

Another explanation has to do with scent. Cats have a powerful sense of smell and use scent to communicate with other cats. For example, when a cat rubs its head against an object, it leaves its scent behind.

This is how cats mark their territory. So, when a cat avoids walking across the Quran, it might be because it doesn’t want to leave its scent on such a sacred object.

Finally, it’s possible that cats don’t like the feel of paper under their paws. If you’ve ever tried to pet a cat lying on top of a book or piece of paper, you might have noticed that they often move away from your hand.

This is because they don’t like how the paper feels against their fur.


Other Reasons


1. Cats are not mentioned in the Quran.

2. There is no prohibition against cats crossing the Quran.

3. Cats are considered to be clean animals in Islam.

4. Cats are considered to be good luck in Islam.

5. A hadith says a cat saved the Prophet Muhammad from a snake.



There are a few possible explanations why cats don’t cross the Quran. It could be because they don’t like the feel of paper under their paws or because they’re sensitive to vibration. Or, it could be that they don’t want to leave their scent on such a sacred object. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: if you have a cat, you’ll need to keep the Quran safe from curious kitty paws!

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