Cats, Screens, and You: Why Do Cats Block Screens?

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to watch your favorite show or get some work done on your computer, and your cat decides that’s the perfect time to lie in front of the screen. But why do cats block screens? Let’s take a closer look at this feline behavior.


Why do cats block screens?


When a cat sees a screen, its instinct is to protect you from the perceived threat. That’s why cats are notorious for blocking computer screens and TV sets.

To a cat, a screen looks like an open window that offers a clear view of anything happening outside.

By blocking the view, the cat feels it can better protect you from potential danger.

Of course, this behavior can be frustrating for owners who want to watch their favorite show in peace. However, it’s important to remember that your cat is only trying to help.

If your feline friend is consistently blocking your screens, you may want to try creating a safe viewing area where they can supervise your activities without getting in the way.


Other reasons why your cat is blocking your view


There are a few other reasons your cat might be drawn to blocking your screen.

One possibility is that your cat enjoys the warmth of electronic devices. Cats are attracted to warm places, and computers, TVs, and other screens give off heat.

If your cat is particularly fond of snuggling up to screens, getting them a bed that emits heat might be a good idea, so they don’t have to lay on top of your electronics.


Another reason cats block screens is that they want attention.

Sitting in front of a screen, you’re not paying attention to your cat. And what do cats love more than being the center of attention?

If your cat is blocking your screen and meowing or trying to get your attention, it’s probably because they want some love.

So give them some toys and scratches; hopefully, they’ll leave you alone long enough to finish what you’re doing.

Finally, some cats block screens because they think it’s their job to protect you from whatever is on the other side.

Whether a bird flying across the TV screen or an email popping up on your computer, cats see it as their duty to keep you safe from anything that might startle or harm you. So if your cat is constantly blocking your view, they might just be trying to do their job!



There are a few different reasons why cats block screens. Sometimes they’re just trying to stay warm; other times, they want attention, and sometimes they think they need to protect you from whatever is on the other side of the screen.

If your cat is particularly pesky, try giving them a bed that emits heat, so they don’t have to lay on top of your electronics. And if all else fails, give them some toys and scratches—they’ll probably leave you alone long enough to finish what you’re doing!

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