How Hard Can Cats Bite? You Will Be Surprised

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We all know that cats are known for their sharp claws and teeth. But how hard can they bite? Let’s take a closer look.


How hard can cats bite?


Most people are familiar with the saying that a cat has nine lives. But did you know that cats also have incredibly powerful jaws? Cats can bite with up to six times the force of a human bite. So just how hard can cats bite?

To put it simply, cats can bite pretty darn hard. Their bites are so strong that they’ve been known to break bones. And not just small bones either – cats have been known to break human ribs with their powerful bites. So if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a cat bite, you’ll know!

Interestingly, though, not all cats are equally powerful biters. For example, domestic cats typically have weaker bites than wildcats, such as lions and tigers. This difference is likely because domestic cats don’t need to hunt for food, so they don’t need to develop as powerful of a bite.

No matter how strong a cat’s bite may be, one thing is for sure – you don’t want to be on the receiving end of one!


Cats and their teeth


The average domestic cat has 30 teeth. Twelve are located in the front of the mouth and are called incisors. These are the sharp, pointy teeth that cats use to nip at their food or toys.

Behind the incisors are the canines or fang teeth. Cats have 4 of these, just like we do. Finally, there are 14 molars in the back of a cat’s mouth. These are the flat, crushing teeth they use to grind their food.

Now that we know where all of a cat’s teeth are located let’s talk about how hard they can bite. A cat’s jaw is mighty—it can exert a force of anywhere from 6 to 8 psi (pounds per square inch). To put that into perspective, humans can only bite with a pressure of around 200 psi. So while a cat’s bite might not be as dangerous to us as a dog’s, it can still pack quite a punch!




Cats might be small, but their bites can pack quite a punch! Thanks to their sharp incisors and powerful jaws, cats can bite with a force of 6-8 psi—that’s three times stronger than our bites! So next time your kitty sinks their teeth into you, remember that it could be worse… much worse.

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