The Best Cat Carriers For Vet Visits

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Vet visits are stressful. You don’t need to add worrying about your cat carrier to the list too!

While some cats are pretty calm about visiting the surgery, others will be shaking with nerves and become aggressive. Regardless, however, your cat acts are natural. So there’s no need to fret about that!

Having said this you can help your cat to calm their nerves by ensuring you have the best cat carrier for vet visits. Not only will they be comfortable on the journey, but there won’t be a struggle to get them out on the vet’s table.

We know it can be tricky to pick the perfect carrier since there are loads available on the market. But don’t panic, we’re here to show you which one you should go for based on your specific needs!


Best For Budgets: Amazon Basics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier



[amazon box=”[amazon box=”B00OP6SVJW” template=”horizontal”]


Not many people think “Amazon Basics” when they’re looking to purchase anything for their pets. However, we have to see that we’ve loved our experience with this one — and our cats have too.

It is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t leak should your cat have a few accidents along the way (again, this is natural when they’re scared, please don’t panic or tell them off!). To tell you the truth, we didn’t think it would be quite this durable because the price is so low, but we have been proven wrong time and time again.

The top-load aspect is fantastic — especially for particularly nervy cats. There is no tousle to get them through a side door, nor is there any hassle with having to lure them out at the vets. Instead, you can open the roof hatch, place them gently inside, and away you go. Our vet actually asked us to get a top-loading carrier since our little man isn’t too great at being civil on the table. So, we decided to go with this one and were not disappointed.

Most importantly, cats seem to love it. We have left this out in the living room for them to play with and it worked (for our cats anyway). They love to climb in it, jump around it, and eventually, go to sleep inside. It’s truly lovely to see so if you’re looking for a cat carrier that your furry friends will be content in, the Amazon Basics one is a great choice.

The Pros

  • Loads of ventilation
  • Spring-loaded latch door
  • Door made from steel wire
  • Comes two sizes: 19 inches and 23 inches
  • 4 latches for security but you can screw it into place if you’d like to

The Cons

  • Some people have said that the top door doesn’t close correctly, rendering the whole carrier unsafe. However, these are from older models. We can assure you that we did not have this problem. My cat despises the vets and even he can’t get out of the top door, no matter how hard he tries.

Best For Budgets and Medium/Nervous Cats: Petisfam Top-Load Cat Carrier


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Nervous cats usually find it hard to enter a confined space and are generally terrified of those ominous hard carriers. If your little kitty relates to this, then you can’t go wrong with the soft Petisfam top-load cat carrier.

One of the best aspects of this Petisfam model is the two doors — one on the top, one of the front. While some cats will find this carrier to be so inviting they just walk in the front, others might still be a bit skeptical. If this is the case for your cat, you can gently place them into the top with no (or little) issues.

Since your vet is probably a short drive away, Petisfam has included two seatbelt straps to ensure the carrier doesn’t slide around when going over bumps or turning corners. Amazingly, it is super easy to install. Simply connect the straps behind the headrest and you’re all set.

Alongside all of this, the carrier is cat-proof. What does this mean? Well, they will not be able to open the doors from the inside. We’ve noticed that hard carriers can sometimes have little paw-sized gaps around the frame that cheeky cats can open. But thanks to the tight-knit mesh, you won’t have that problem here.

You will find that it is wonderfully easy to assemble and disassemble when you need to store it away. Oh, it also comes complete with a wonderfully soft floor pad that will ensure your cat stays as snug as a bug in a rug.

Are there any downsides to this box? In short, yes.

Firstly, the fabric is hard to keep clean — especially if you use the carrier often.

Secondly, since it’s a plush construction, the fabric isn’t all that durable. It’s up to you to decide if you can live with that!

The Pros

  • Great ventilation
  • Super comfy thanks to the soft sides
  • Straps easily into your car
  • No way to escape if your cat is of a nervous disposition
  • Collapsible so easy to stow away when it’s not needed

The Cons

  • Not easy to clean (its fabric construction makes it a pain)
  • Mesh isn’t incredibly durable

Best For Two Cats: One For Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet


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If you have more than one fuzzy friend, this one is fantastic. While it is on the pricier side of things, it has many functions and will keep your cats super comfortable during long journeys.

This carrier comes with washable mats which is a true blessing. Most soft models tend to be hard to clean since they’re made from fabric. But this one is incredibly easy to sanitize.

The safety features are phenomenal too! You can simply attach it to your car’s seatbelt and you’re on the road. Not having to worry about your precious babies sliding around on the back seat is wonderful. It has taken a bit of stress off our shoulders the few times we’ve moved across the country.

Plus, the One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 is extremely versatile. How versatile we hear you ask? Well, there are three ways to use it. Let’s have a little look at each of them:

  1. Double carrier: in this state, they’re connected but have a divider in the middle.
  2. Two single carriers: here, they’re disconnected and each has sturdy walls and washable mats.
  3. One big space: you can take them middle divider out to make a huge carrier for cats who don’t want to be separated.

Alongside all of these amazing features, you can secure it to the ground if you’re going to shows. It comes with durable pegs that attach to the ground ensuring a cat-proof “kennel”.

The Pros

  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Attaches to a car seatbelt
  • Washable mats are included in the box
  • Pegs included in the box so you can secure it to the ground if necessary
  • More than one door
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can purchase a hammock to if wanted

The Cons

  • Some people have said that their cats found it easy to get out of but we haven’t had this problem with ours
  • Many people have had problems with the middle zipper but this was with the older model and has seemed to be fixed

Best For Space Saving: SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier


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If you are looking for durability and supreme sturdiness then the SportPet Designs’ foldable travel case is a bargain. Not only is it made from ABS plastic and polypropylene, but it folds flat so it’s easy to store when you’re finished.

We love the fact that the door is extra wide and tall. Why? Because our feline friends can easily walk into it without feeling like their trapped. However, we need to mention here that it is rather cramped on the inside. This reason is why we don’t use it but if you’re going on really short journeys, it will be fine.

Thanks to the hard construction, it takes almost no effort to keep it clean. A sanitizing wipe or a spray down will work wonders. No more having to scrub and put some real elbow grease behind it!

Plus, it collapses into a neat, flat rectangle that will fit almost anywhere in your home discreetly. Usually, this would affect the stability of the carrier in hard cases but we haven’t noticed anything untoward with this one.

The Pros

  • Easy to keep clean and can be wiped down well in an emergency
  • Big door for cats to walk straight in
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Comfortable handle
  • Unlock the push button to activate the door mechanism
  • Locking door handle so your cat won’t be able to escape
  • Made from ABS plastic and polypropylene making it impact-resistant

The Cons

  • Somewhat cramped inside. Our cats are fairly large, so we don’t use this option. However, if yours is quite small then they should be okay in here for short trips to the vets.
  • Not suitable for long journeys

Best With Wheels: Coopeter Cat Wheel, Dog Carrier Airline Approved with Durable Mesh Panels, Pet Carrier with Telescopic Walking Handle, Easy to Fold


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For a trip to the vets, this is brilliant — especially if you struggle with your upper body strength or health and can’t lift a regular carrier. As you might imagine, it isn’t airline-approved but this shouldn’t matter too much for vet visits.

The 34.5-inch telescopic handle is sturdy, and doesn’t snap back in unexpectedly (sounds like a strange thing to say but we’ve had this happen before!). It’s long enough so you can walk comfortably without kicking the carrier and disturbing your potentially nervous kitty.

Once you are back from the vets, the Petsfit rolling pet carrier is remarkably easy to fold up and store. Again, this is something quite unusual for rolling cat carriers so we appreciated this aspect.

Additionally, it is both front and top loading. Each door is closed with a tight-fitting zipper that your cat will not be able to open from the inside! This is fabulous for nervous cats who won’t willingly walk into a carrier when they know they’re off to the vets.

We should also mention that you do not have to keep it on the wheels. Just simply detach it if you aren’t feeling like rolling your furry friend around the surgery!

The Pros

  • Easy to take off the wheels if you want a normal pet carrier
  • Zipped doors on the front and top
  • Simple to set up, which is quite rare for this carrier style
  • 34.5-inch telescopic handle

The Cons

  • Won’t be loved by everyone. Pet carriers on wheels are definitely not a crowd-pleaser. However, they are fantastic for those who struggle to carry a standard case.

Best Looking: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed


[amazon box=”B000SIF7TS” template=”horizontal”]


Oh yes, this one is luxury with a capital “L”. And yes, the price does reflect that but who cares when your precious fur baby is getting the best of the best, right?

The Sleepypod mobile pet bed is a cozy round shape that cats just adore. Inside, they find beautifully plush padding that they can cocoon themselves into. Whether you’re using this as a standard bed and a carry case or just a carrier, your furry friend will feel like they’re on cloud 9!

Aside from that, it is top-loading which vets themselves suggest. Not only is it easier for you to place your cat into, but it’s also easier for the vets to get them out on the table. Seriously, this Sleepybod model will ensure you and your cat have an amazing experience no matter where you go or what you’re doing! (If you don’t mind spending that high-end kind of money, however.)

The Pros

  • Stylish (comes in different colors too)
  • Luxurious and oh-so-comfortable
  • The top completely comes off to turn it into a cozy bed
  • Top door so all of you (vet, kitty, and owner) have a good time
  • Shape suits cats who love to curl up into a little ball when they sleep

The Cons

  • Expensive but if you can afford it then we suggest you go for it!

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