The Black Tabby Cat Personality

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The Black Tabby Cat is a cat that has a black coat and white markings on its face, feet, and (usually) underbelly. Black Tabby Cats are generally friendly, affectionate, active, playful, and intelligent; they get along well with children.

Black Tabby Cat personalities tend to be quite laid back unless their family is in some sort of trouble or danger. Black Tabby Cats make great pets and companions for an active household because Black Tabby Cats love anything that’s going to involve play. They also like to stay clean and groomed; they will spend a lot of time grooming themselves and their Black Tabby Cat friends.


The Black Tabby Cat Background


Black Tabby cats get the nickname “the gentle ghost” from an eastern European folktale about Black Tabbies. Black Tabbies are considered to be very loyal cats and Black Tabby Cats in the folktale make good protectors for young children who happen to wander off on their own.

If a Black Tabby Cat wanders into your home either by accident or invitation it is a sign of good fortune for you and your family, Black Tabby Cats were thought to be familiars of witches and sorcerers who used them as guides between this world and the next. Black Tabbies also have a famous connection with pirates; Black Tabbys are known for having 9-lives however once all nine lives have been used up Black Tabbys turn into ordinary house cats that can no longer return from the dead.


Where does the Black Tabby name come from?


Black Tabby Cats got their name from the Black markings on their fur, Black was used because it is an all-purpose color that can hide dirt and look good in any lighting. Black Tabby Cats are active and curious; Black Tabby Cats love to explore and Black Tabby Cat owners should always be observing their Black Tabbys when they’re out of the house or even in a room that is not off-limits. Black Tabby Cats love to think that they’re sneaky and sly but most Black Tabby Cats just cannot keep themselves from getting into trouble which means Black Tabbys need to learn some self-control when exploring new areas.


Do they like Water?


Black Tabby’s tend to love water, whether by jumping in a pool for fun or splashing in a sink and love to be around water. Black Tabby Cats will spend their day happily playing with children, trying not to get themselves into too much mischief, and tiring out their humans by demanding attention. Black Tabby Cats are also very cute; Black Tabbys are known for their adorable faces, each Black Tabby Cat has its own unique set of whiskers which means you can easily tell your Black Tabbys apart from another Black Tabby’s face.


Are they affectionate?


Black Tabby Cats are very affectionate animals that will follow their owners around the house no matter where they go or if they’re on the phone, Black Tabby Cats tend to be very attached to one person in particular but they will show their affection to everyone in the Black Tabby Cat’s household.


Are they Vocal?


Black Tabbies are not very vocal unless they want something, Black Tabby Cats have short soft meows that will let you know what they’re thinking or feeling at any given time. Black Tabby’s can be very sweet and loving but Black Tabby Cats also need some time alone every now and then; they like to stay active and play most of the time which means an hour or two of peace and quiet would make most Black Tabbys very happy.


Are they Shedders?


Black Tabby Cats do not shed fur like other cats; Black Tabby Cats only shed when changing seasons which is why they tend to look neater than most house cats. Black Tabby’s take a lot of pride in their appearance which means they are very easy to clean and groom.

Black Tabby Cats are also very smart, Black Tabby Cats have been known to survive for many years even though they can get into dangerous situations due to their curious nature. Black Tabby’s love the water but Black Tabbys do not like to be wet all over so Black Tabby Cat owners should keep dry towels around just in case Black Tabbys need a quick dry down after being wet.


 Personality Traits


Black Tabby cats enjoy relaxing around the house while still being active with playing and exploring new areas that the Black Tabby Cat has never seen before. Black Tabby Cats can also be very vocal whenever Black Tabby Cats feel the need to, They have a lot of energy, and owners should make sure they do not get into trouble.

Black Tabby’s are loving animals that will try their best to keep themselves clean but Black Tabby Cats will still want some alone time on occasion or a nice relaxing bath where they can soak for a bit. Black Tabby’s love attention from anyone who shows them affection which is why they don’t do well with being left alone at home all day as Black Tabby Cats love the company of any kind.


In Conclusion


Black tabby cats were first discovered in 1871 by two men named Irine and Nicholas Brown who were trying to lure Black Tabbys into their house. Black Tabby Cats are very popular in many countries around the world but Black Tabbys are mostly only found in North America.

Black Tabby’s are known for being loving animals that have outgoing personalities which is why Black Tabbys tend to get along with everyone they meet, Black Tabby Cats are also known for being very intelligent which means Black Tabby Cats can easily learn tricks and commands fairly quickly. Black Tabby Cat owners should always be mindful of where they’re at when there is a wandering Black Tabby Cat nearby because they love to explore new areas, especially places that their humans go often like the bathtub or sink.

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