The Origins of the Tabby Cat’s ‘Good Luck’ Reputation

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Tabby cats are some of the most famous, thanks partly to their unique markings. But did you know that tabby cats also have a reputation for being lucky? In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of this belief and whether there’s any truth to it.


Are tabby cats good luck?


Tabby cats have been considered good luck in many cultures for centuries.

In ancient Egypt, they were considered the gods’ companions and were often seen in paintings and sculptures.

In medieval Europe, royalty and nobility often kept tabby cats as pets. Today, tabby cats are still considered lucky in many parts of the world.

In Japan, for example, it is believed that a black tabby cat will bring good fortune to its owner.

In China, it is said that a tabby cat can help ward off evil spirits.

In the United States, some people believe that a tabby cat brings good luck in business.

Whether or not you believe that a tabby cat is lucky, there is no doubt that they make lovely pets. They are affectionate, playful, and curious creatures that will bring joy to your home.


The Tabby Cat


The first thing to understand is that there are three tabby markings: mackerel, classic, and spotted. Mackerel tabbies are the most common type and feature narrow stripes that run horizontally along their sides.

Classic tabbies have broader stripes that form swirls and patterns on their sides, while spotted tabbies have…you guessed it…spots!


So, where does the belief that tabby cats are lucky to come from?


Well, it turns out that this belief dates back centuries. Some believe it originated with the Egyptians, who revered cats of all kinds. One of the goddesses in ancient Egyptian mythology was even depicted as having the head of a cat!

Others believe that the belief originated in Europe during the Middle Ages. At this time, black cats were often associated with witchcraft and bad luck. As a result, people began to see tabby cats as good luck charms since they weren’t black.

Whatever its origins, the belief that tabby cats are lucky is alive and well today. Many people still consider them to be good luck charms! So if you’re thinking about getting a cat, why not adopt a tabby? After all, you might get lucky…


Tabby cat superstitions


As any cat lover knows, tabby cats are among the most popular breeds of house pets.

But did you know that they also have a long and storied history of superstition? For example, in many cultures, tabby cats are believed to have special powers and are often seen as symbols of good luck.

For example, in ancient Egypt, tabby cats were revered as gods, and in medieval Europe, they were thought to be able to ward off evil spirits.

Even today, some people believe that a black-and-white tabby cat brings good luck, while a brown tabby is said to get financial success.

So whether you’re looking for a loyal friend or a lucky charm, a tabby cat may be the perfect pet for you.




Do you believe that tabby cats are good luck? Whether you do or not, there’s no denying that they’re some of the most famous cats around. Thanks to their unique markings and reputation for being lucky, they make for perfect pets!

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