What is a group of feral cats called? A Helpful Guide

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A group of feral cats is often called a clowder. Feral cats are typically the offspring of stray or abandoned pet cats. These cats have never been socialized with humans and live in the wild. They are a problem because they often form colonies near human habitation, which can lead to noise and odor complaints and the spread of disease.


What is a group of feral cats called?


A group of feral cats is called a clowder. Clowders typically consist of between three and 20 cats, although there can be more.

The cats in a clowder typically live and hunt together, sharing a familiar territory. As a result, clowders can be found in various habitats, including urban and rural areas.

While most clowders are made up of related cats, such as siblings or mothers and their offspring, some may include unrelated individuals.

In general, clowders are led by a dominant female, who controls access to food and determines the hierarchy within the group.

Male cats typically leave their natal clowder when they reach maturity, although they may maintain close ties with their former group.

Whether related or not, the cats in a clowder form strong bonds with one another and work together to survive.


Why is a group of cats called a clowder?


A group of cats is called a clowder, a brood, or a kindle. The word “clowder” comes from the Latin word for “balls of yarn.” Therefore, it likely refers to the fact that a group of cats is often tangled together like a ball of yarn.

The word “brood” comes from an Old English meaning “to hatch chicks.” This likely refers to the fact that a group of cats often looks after their young together.

The word “kindle” comes from an Old English meaning “to set fire.” This likely refers to the fact that a group of cats often looks like they are on the verge of starting a fight.

Whatever the origin, there is no doubt that a group of cats is a sight to behold.


What is a group of kittens called?


A group of kittens is commonly referred to as a “litter.” This term likely comes from the fact that mother cats often give birth to their young in a litter of straw or hay.

However, kittens can also be born in various places, including on grass, in a cardboard box, or even in a sink.

No matter where they are born, it’s always a special occasion when a litter of kittens arrives. These fluffy little creatures are sure to bring joy to everyone who meets them.


What is the leader of a group of cats called?


In the animal kingdom, there are many different types of groups. Some, like schools of fish or herds of deer, are relatively simple, with each animal following the group’s lead.

Others, like packs of wolves or pods of dolphins, are more complex, with each member playing an essential role in the group’s survival.

Among cats, who are notoriously independent creatures, groups are also relatively simple. For example, the leader of a group of cats is called the alpha.

The alpha is usually the group’s most prominent and strongest member, and its position is typically decided through a series of fights with other group members.

Once the alpha has been determined, it will typically hold its position for life. However, if the alpha is injured or otherwise weakened, it may be challenged by another member of the group and replaced.



A group of feral cats is called a “clowder.” This term was first recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1607. It is likely derived from the Old French word clouer, meaning “to nail” or “to fasten.”

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