Are Siberian Cats Good with Other Cats?

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Siberian Cats are a large, domestic breed of cats that are very loving, affectionate, and sometimes a bit clingy with their family members. They generally get along with anyone at any time and never seem to meet a stranger. But how do they do with other cats?


Siberians are very open, sociable, and trusting cats and the same holds true for when they are around other cats. Of course, the other cat has to be amicable and sociable as well. A Siberian won’t get along with a fiercely territorial and irritable breed any more than other cats would. 


The key to ensuring that your Siberian cat gets along with another cat is to look for cat breeds that belong in the sociable cat categories. You especially want to stay away from other cat breeds that are fiercely territorial or like to challenge other cats for the top of the hierarchy. 


How to Choose the Right Cat Companion


The Siberian itself generally tops the list of cats that get along great with other cat breeds. You’re definitely not going to have a problem from your Siberian’s side. The issue is with other cats. You can’t just pick randomly or you might create a future scenario of chaos within the home. 


Domestic Shorthairs


This is the cat that comes closest to the vast majority of cats that you see everywhere and all the time. Odds are, most of the stray cats in the neighborhood share a pretty heavy lineage with domestic shorthairs. It’s the most common cat found in a household.


Aside from who and what they are, domestic shorthairs are generally pretty happy cats, if a bit energetic. They won’t get anywhere near the same size as your Siberian, so they may feel a bit intimidated, but not to the degree of fighting over it. 


These cats don’t have a specific lineage and you can often get them for little to no cost, which is great because you will have probably shelled out a pretty penny for your Siberian and this will give him/her a companion without having to sell a kidney on the black market to afford it. 




The Ragdoll is one of the most (if not the most) happy, sociable, and affectionate cats in the world. They are very good with their family members, children, other cats, and even dogs, as they are often considered to be very “dog-like” when it comes to their own behavior


Ragdolls are similar in many ways to the Siberian and probably share a common heritage somewhere along the line. It’s also interesting and ironic that two of the most friendly cats are so far separated in terms of origination.


The Ragdoll is a product of the latter half of the 1900s, while the Siberian is largely considered to have been in existence for a thousand years. If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your Siberian, you couldn’t find a better one. 


However, Ragdolls are high maintenance, requiring your undivided attention lest they go into a sense of separation anxiety. Only get one if you have the time to spend with them because they can often get very clingy


The Maine Coon Cat


The Maine Coon Cat can look quite intimidating for its rough, wild style of fur and its size. The Maine Coon is the single largest domestic cat breed in the world. The record holder’s name is Sampson and it is just a shade over four feet long. 


However, just like dogs have their own friendly giants, the Maine Coon is one of the friendliest cats you can find. They are the gentle giants of the cat world and will make your large, Siberian Cat look like a mouse in comparison. 


Fortunately, fighting will never be a problem as Maine Coon cats are highly affectionate and loving cats. They get along great with other cats and even dogs, some of whom they dwarf in terms of size. 




One thing that the Abyssinian and the Siberian immediately share in common is their ancient lineage, although the Abyssinian wins that battle as they are known to be the oldest cat breed in the world.


They are tricksters who often lay elaborate (in the sense of a cat’s level of elaborate) traps and fool you into giving them what they want. They do have the particular habit of developing powerful bonds with people and other cats. 


These are really pretty cats, with interesting, supine features and a high level of intelligence. An Abyssian will not only get along with your Siberian, but it will also likely develop a very strong bond with it, to the point where they are nearly inseparable. 


Cornish Rex


This odd-faced cat is renowned for its friendliness and open nature. They are as close as you can get to a sphinx without actually being a sphinx since their only hair is the undercoat. They don’t have regular fur on their bodies so they are very susceptible to the cold. 


Of course, that makes a Cornish Rex the perfect companion for your Siberian as a Cornish Rex is more than happy to pal around with its newfound, hairy friend and is also likely to snuggle up and share its warmth. 


All Things Considered


There are more cats that are worth adding to the list but when it comes to finding a suitable, feline companion for your Siberian, it pays to do your homework and find a breed that is suitably friendly and good-natured. 


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