Can a Maine Coon Cat Kill a Coyote?

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The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest domestic cat breeds, with some males weighing up to 20 pounds. But could this giant housecat take on a wild coyote, weighing anywhere from 15 to 50 pounds? Let’s explore this question and look at the facts.


Can a Maine coon cat kill a coyote?


No, a Maine coon cat cannot kill a coyote. While cats are agile, fast, and powerful hunters, they are not physically built to combat creatures of this size and weight.

To safely and successfully take on a coyote, the cat needs to have many body traits explicitly adapted to a wild environment, which Maine coons do not possess as they have been domesticated for centuries.

Not only could the coyote easily outrun the cat, but its claws and teeth could also easily overpower even larger animals if provoked.

For this reason, it is best recommended always to keep your cat indoors – away from any wildlife that may pose a danger.


Maine Coons vs. Coyotes


When it comes to size and weight, it would be difficult for a full-grown Maine Coon to take down an adult coyote, as the coyote typically weighs more than double that of the average male Maine Coon.

However, when looking at other physical traits, there are some similarities between cats and coyotes, as they both have lithe bodies and sharp claws.

Both animals also rely on stealth and agility to hunt their prey.


While it is unlikely that a Maine Coon would be able to take down an adult coyote, there is no doubt that this large housecat has enough strength and speed to make life difficult for any predator looking for an easy meal.

Research has shown that cats can fight off predators almost twice their size if necessary.

In addition, even if the Maine Coon cannot take down the coyote outright, its large size may be enough to scare away any potential attackers.


The noise of the cat


In terms of noise level alone, a Maine Coon’s loud meow may be enough to intimidate any nearby predators. So while it’s unlikely that a fully grown Maine Coon could successfully take down an adult coyote due to its size difference, these cats are undoubtedly capable of defending themselves against potential predators (both wild and domestic).


Can Cats fight off Coyotes?


It is possible for cats to fight off a coyote, though it should not be encouraged.

Cats can defend themselves, but they wouldn’t stand much chance against an animal as large and powerful as a coyote.

It’s best to keep your pets indoors and secure if you live in an area where wildlife may pose a threat.

If a cat is outside and encounters one of these animals, their best hope would be to claw or bite at its face and eyes until it runs away. Ensure your pet is vaccinated and monitored closely by supervising all outdoor activities.




Ultimately, while it would be pretty incredible if a Maine coon were able to successfully defend itself against an adult coyote due to its size difference alone, such scenarios are improbable. However, cats have been known to use their size and sound levels as deterrents against larger predators when faced with potential danger—so there’s no telling what your brave feline might do when faced with such a situation.

Suppose you are concerned about your pet’s safety around wild animals or other pets. In that case, it’s best practice to speak with your local veterinarian, who can provide further advice tailored specifically to you and your pet’s needs.

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