Do Ragdoll Cats Catch Mice?

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While Ragdoll cats have the ability to catch mice, they often won’t due to a low prey drive. These cats are cuddlers and can even be considered a little lazy, so mousing isn’t their favorite activity. If you are looking for a cat to keep mice at bay, you should definitely consider a different breed. 


Can Ragdoll cats catch mice? Do they Catch Mice? What happens if your Ragdoll already caught a mouse? We have the answer to these questions and more, right here. So let’s take a look.


Do Ragdolls Catch Mice?


Ragdoll cats are amazing companions who genuinely crave your love and affection; so if that is what you are looking for in a cat, you have your breed. However, if what you are looking for is a mouse hunter who will successfully keep mice from roaming your home this is not the cat for you.

Ragdolls are massive cats who are known for being a bit clumsy and not particularly interested in activities that require them to put in a lot of effort. 

These cats are perfect lap cats who prefer lounging around with their owner and maybe partake in a bit of yarn play or catnip-filled toy fun for a few minutes at a time. 


Can Ragdolls Cats Catch Mice?


Now, just because this isn’t their favorite pass time, doesn’t mean they are not capable of catching a rat or mouse at some point. These cats are hunters by nature, and while they have been groomed to be lovers, not fighters, they are still instinctually hunters at heart.

Honestly, it can be hit or miss when it comes to Ragdolls catching a mouse. Some of these cats can surprise you and turn out to be fantastic hunters that leave your presents by the front door, or if your lucky, by your bed.

Even the laziest cat can be a ferocious killer if they suspect an intruder in their home. If they feel their family is being threatened or simply get the scent and are feeling feisty that day, batting around a mouse isn’t completely out of the question. 


Are Ragdoll Cats Mice Hunters?


Ragdolls are not mice hunters. These cats will not go out on the prowl attempting to find something to chase, attack, and kill. This breed is ideal for families who want a puppy-like, cat who will crave their attention, follow them around the house, and hang out on laps for as long as they are aloud. 

If a Ragdoll does decide to take their chances chasing a rodent, there is a 50/50 chance it will end in failure. While adorable and timid, these cats are not very graceful or sly. Actually, they are known for being a bit clumsy and tend to give up after a little while of chasing down their prey.


What Should You Do If Your Ragdoll Catches A Mouse?


First and foremost, you should never scold a cat for capturing a rodent. This is part of who they are and in the wild, it was the only way to survive. 

Capturing a mouse is cause for pride in the feline world, so, if they choose to present it to you, do not overreact or get angry. This shows how much they love you and consider it a gift. 

Once you accept your prize, you should then take immediate action.


Remove the Rodent


If your Ragdoll is still interested in the mouse, you will want to remove it from the room, keeping it from batting it around or eating it.

Then grab a pair of rubber gloves and dispose of the body. 

After the actual animal is gone. You should disinfect any area the cat may have had the mouse, or anywhere the mouse may have been while attempting to flee the scene.


Keep an Eye on Your Cat


If the cat simply caught the mouse and then left it at your feet, removing the dead body and cleaning your space should be the extent of aftercare. However, if your cat spent some time with the mouse or even ate it, you may want to keep an eye on it for a few days. Why?

  • Mice often carry worms-  Mice are notorious for carrying roundworms, which can easily transfer to your cat once in contact. Keep an eye out for any signs your cat has worms and treat them accordingly.
  • Mice ingest poison– While extremely rare, a mouse who recently ingested mouse poison could get your cat sick by transferring the poisonous effect. (Chances are good this won’t do serious harm because the amount of toxicity will be very low.)
  • Mice carry Toxoplasmosis– Toxoplasmosis wouldn’t be a huge concern to your feline friend but is extremely dangerous to humans. 

Call The Vet


If your Ragdoll cat starts to act strangely or seems ill after eating a mouse, contact your vet and get them in for a check-up to rule out any serious issues. You won’t find any better advice, than that of a professional and one who already knows your pet. 

All-in-all, chances are likely you and your cat will be just fine after they catch a mouse and the majority of the time you simply dispose of the remains, clean the home, and go about your day.


Summing Things Up


While Ragdoll cats may not be the mouse hunting, super-killing machine, many people associate with the feline species; they are still amazing creatures with huge hearts and make a great pet for just about any home.


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