Are Ragdoll Cats Aggressive?

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Ragdoll cats are one of the friendliest breeds of cats. Still, they can become aggressive for several reasons.


What are Ragdoll Cats?


Ragdoll cats are a large and muscular breed of cat, known for their color-point coat and bright blue eyes. 

They were initially created by the American breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s, and since then, have become one of the best-known docile and affectionate cats.


Are Ragdoll Cats Aggressive?


Whilst ragdolls are not aggressive cats, they may sometimes act up in response to their environment. We will go into more detail about this below.

Be aware that if your ragdoll is still young (up to 12 months old), then they are going to be both full of energy and just learning the difference between what is right and wrong. 

As such, you should spend this time trying to teach them good behavioral patterns, so that they can then grow out of them.


7 Reasons Why Your Ragdoll Cat is Aggressive


Below are 7 reasons why your ragdoll cat is being aggressive. However, in cases of extreme aggression, you should take them to get seen by a vet.


Too Much Energy


If your ragdoll cat isn’t using up all its energy during the day, it might become frustrating.

Ragdoll cats are primarily indoor cats, and as such, you should play with them in short spurts throughout the day so that they can use up their energy.

Alternatively, consider getting a second cat to give the ragdoll company.


Abuse From Previous Owner


If your ragdoll cat is being aggressive, then it may have been mistreated or abused by its previous owner.

Whilst you can’t change the past, you can work on earning back your cat’s confidence. You can do this by first ensuring that all of their psychological demands are met and that they are in a safe environment where they can readily receive affection when they need it. 

It may take time for the cat to recover and trust again, but once it has, you can bet that they will give you their whole heart.


They Were Taught to Bite 


If your ragdoll cat was allowed to bite humans when they were a kitten, then they will grow up to bite frequently. They may do this when they want to play, but it may feel aggressive when you’re at the other end of an unprovoked attack. 

Your ragdoll might bite you as a way to express affection or out of excitement. Unless the biting becomes a real issue, there is no need to take them to the vet for this.


Territorial Aggression


Ragdoll cats are extremely territorial cats, and when they believe that something belongs to them, they feel especially driven to protect it. 

They may be aggressive over their whole territories (i.e. in reaction to another cat being brought home), or possessions, such as scratching posts, food bowls, and toys. We talk more about this below.


Changes in Routine


If you have suddenly switched up the cat’s routine then this may also lead to them becoming aggressive. 

Changing their meal time or daily schedule may stress them out and make them feel anxious. This is because ragdoll cats are both intelligent and rely heavily on people. 

If you do need to make changes to their routine, make sure to do so slowly. For example, if you plan on introducing new creatures into their lives, do so cautiously, and continuously check their temperament as you go along.


They Need to be Neutered


Like all cats, when ragdolls are left with their sex hormones unchecked, they can become significantly more territorial, leading to behavior issues – especially when new people or pets have been introduced. 

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this. Simply, neuter or spay your cat and they should return to their former colors.


They Have a Medical Issue


If your Ragdoll cat’s behavior change is sudden and you cannot locate any other reason why it may be acting the way it is, then it may be suffering from an underlying medical condition.

If this is the case, then you should visit a veterinarian as soon as possible to get them the correct medical treatment.


Why Does My Ragdoll Cat Show Me No Affection?


Your ragdoll may not be showing you affection because they feel uncomfortable around you or their surroundings. 

If this happens, ensure that their environment is safe and welcoming, and try to be around your ragdoll, in the background, as much as possible so that they acclimatize to you.


Are Ragdoll Cats Aggressive to Other Cats?


Ragdoll cats generally get along very well with other cats. They don’t like confrontation, so they will rarely hiss or bite. 

However, you will need to introduce new cats slowly to the house, and choose another cat breed that isn’t known for being aggressive.


Are Ragdoll Cats Good With Kids?


Generally speaking, ragdoll cats are one of the best breeds of cats to have around children. They are laid back and have gentle, docile personalities, and are often very tolerant. 

However, your ragdoll cat might become jealous if you bring a child into their home, so you will need to do this slowly. It helps if you are able to continue giving the cat as much attention as before.

When you introduce a child to the home, you must also make sure that the cat approaches the child first, rather than the other way around.

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