Six Breeds of Cats That Don’t Bite?

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Suppose you’re looking for a new feline companion. But we are wary of cats that bite; there are plenty of breeds to choose from. While cats can be unpredictable, and some may nip or bite due to fear or stress, certain breeds are more suited for owners who prefer their cats to avoid biting. So if you’re concerned about biting, let’s look at six of the best cat breeds.


Which cats don’t bite?


Not all cats have to be feline Hulks constantly trying to take a nip out of you.

While cats can undoubtedly have aggressive tendencies that manifest in biting, many breeds are considered gentler and less likely to bite than their cohort.

Some popular types of cats noted for having a milder disposition include the Ragdoll, the Maine Coon, and European Burmese.

These breeds enjoy being part of a family unit and tend to bond with their human owners in particular. So if you want to ensure your feline friend doesn’t use his teeth on you as he grows up, these may be the felines for you.


Six breeds of cats that do not bite


1. The Bengal cat


The Bengal cat is one of the safest cats for households with children, as it is mainly known not to bite.

This beautiful and exotic-looking feline is renowned for its friendly personality and loving nature, making them a good choice for first-time cat owners.

Unlike many other breeds, Bengal cats have been carefully bred over time to remain docile and non-aggressive, even in unfamiliar environments or around strangers.

Bengals are known to be one of the family-friendliest breeds of cats available.

If you’re looking for an affectionate companion that won’t bite, the Bengal may be the right fit for you and your family.


2. The Siamese cat


Siamese cats are known for their gentle temperament and lack of biting behavior.

This isn’t to say that all Siamese cats will never bite, as any feline can resort to biting if extremely provoked or threatened.

However, compared to other cat breeds, Siamese cats generally tend to be much more agreeable and less likely to try to defend themselves with a bite when facing an unfamiliar situation or trying to escape a perceived threat.

As a bonus, this breed is also considered quite vocal, so despite its mellow demeanor, it’s usually relatively easy to tell which emotions they’re feeling at any given moment.

In summation, the Siamese cat is known as one of the most amiable breeds available – making it an ideal option for those who want a friendly companion without worrying about an unexpected bite.


3. The Ragdoll cat


Ragdolls make ideal cats for families or those who want a typical lap cat.

They are very social, often becoming attached to their owners, and generally content to be in the same room.

This breed is among the few that rarely bite, instead preferring to purr and snuggle when being petted.

They have an unusually high pain tolerance and a pleasant disposition that makes them easy-going and calm—perfect for inexperienced cat owners.

Even better, many Ragdoll cats can learn basic commands despite their reputation as one of the more passive breeds.


4. The Birman cat


The Birman cat is often described as a gentle and loving creature.

It is an ideal choice for those looking for a pet that doesn’t bite and makes a great companion.

Birman cats are also notably independent and can easily maintain their routine.

Known for its unique coloring and sapphire blue eyes, the Birman has recently become one of the most sought-after cat breeds.

They usually require minimal grooming, making them great pets for busy owners.

Finally, their peaceful temperaments make them suitable companions for adults and children. With all these qualities, the Birman is genuinely a loyal, helpful companion that can bring joy to any household.


5. The Maine Coon cat


The Maine Coon cat is one of the most popular breeds among cat fanciers due to its majestic yet gentle nature.

It is known for being loyal and social, which often keeps it from displaying aggression unless provoked or injured.

As a result, Maine Coons are typically considered one of the cats that don’t bite.

In addition, their size adds to the appeal as they can grow over 40 inches in length and weigh over 20 pounds – making them quite imposing in stature yet relatively docile in temperament when handled appropriately.

Therefore, for those seeking a large breed with an affectionate and tolerant personality, the Maine Coon cat might be the ideal pet.


6. The Persian cat


The Persian cat is one of the breeds that most owners find does not bite.

Bred for companionship, it is a handsome, medium-sized feline with long fur and a docile temperament.

Because it is slow to mature, the Persian won’t reach its full size until around four years, and its personality may not develop until several months later.

If treated with respect and patience, these cats make great lifelong pets offering their owners love and devotion.

They require a great deal of grooming and regular brushing, but their even temperaments make them easy to handle. With proper care and attention given, having a Persian cat as a companion can be an enriching experience.




There are many great options for choosing a cat that won’t bite. From Siamese cats who love spending time with their owners, Maine Coons who make excellent family pets, and Bengal cats who enjoy exploring and playing games – any of these breeds could be a good fit for your home.

Whether you’re looking for an energetic playmate or a relaxed cuddle buddy, there’s sure to be something out there that meets your needs while avoiding bites altogether.

Regardless of which type of cat you decide on, remember that all felines require patience and understanding as they adjust to your home. However, with enough care and attention, any cat can become a fantastic addition to your family. ​

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