The Differences Between Balinese and Ragdoll Cats

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If you’re considering adding a new feline companion to your family, the Balinese and Ragdoll cats are two popular breeds. Both have unique personalities, physical characteristics, and temperaments that make them stand out from other breeds. But what makes them different from one another? Let’s examine some of the key differences between these two beloved cats.


Balinese cat vs Ragdoll Cat


The Balinese cat and the Ragdoll cat are often compared, as they are both gentle, loving, and beautiful breeds.

The main difference between the two is their features and characteristics.

Balinese cats tend to be spirited, curious, and love to learn tricks, while Ragdolls have a more calm and relaxed demeanor.

Additionally, they have distinctive fur colors that can help you distinguish them from each other: Balinese cats typically have luminous eyes with pointed markings on the ends of the fur, whereas Ragdolls usually feature pointed ears and velvety coats.

Whether you choose one breed or the other depends on personal preference – both breeds make wonderful companions.


Physical Characteristics


The Balinese is a longhaired cat with an elegant physique that has been likened to the graceful Siamese breed. This medium-sized cat has long legs, a slender body, and an oval head with large ears.

Their fur is silky smooth and comes in various colors ranging from pure white to seal point (a mixture of chocolate brown and black).

Ragdolls are known for their soft fur, ranging from light cream to deep brown or blueish-gray.

They tend to be larger than many other breeds, with males typically weighing up to 20 pounds and females up to 15 pounds. In addition to their size, they have beautiful pointed markings on their faces and bodies.




Balinese cats are known for being intelligent and social animals; they love interacting with people. Not only do they enjoy cuddling up on your lap, but they also like playing games with you.

These cats are very affectionate but can also be quite vocal—they will let you know when something isn’t right or if they want something from you. They are also active cats who love jumping around and exploring their environment.

Ragdolls tend to be more laid back than Balinese cats; they are gentle giants who don’t mind being picked up or held for long periods.

While they may not be as vocal as other breeds, Ragdolls still communicate through meows or purrs—so don’t worry about missing out on any conversations.

They are also quite independent; while they may enjoy playing with toys or cuddling up next to you on the couch, they require less attention than some other breeds.

The costs of these two cats

While the Balinese and Ragdoll cats are considered intelligent breeds with similar physiques, they can differ significantly in price.

The Ragdoll is generally a more expensive option – most owners report buying purebred Ragdolls for around $600, while Balinese cats can cost as little as $400.

Of course, prices may vary depending on the breeder and individual factors like inclusions, health records, etc. It’s essential to research potential breeders thoroughly before purchasing a kitten, whichever breed you choose.

Ultimately, the budget should be an important but not necessarily a determining factor when finding the perfect feline companion for your family.




When it comes down to choosing between a Balinese cat vs Ragdoll Cat, it all boils down to personal preference in terms of temperament and physical appearance. Both breeds make wonderful companions who will bring joy into your home – so why not give both breeds a chance? Visit your local shelter or rescue center today – there’s sure to be at least one purrfectly loving furry friend waiting just for you.

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