Six Of The Cleanest Cat Breeds You Should Consider

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If you’re in the market for a new furry friend, you might consider which cat breed is the cleanest. While all cats have a certain level of cleanliness, some breeds are particularly skilled groomers and require less effort on your part to keep them looking their best. Let’s look at the top six cat breeds that stand out for their convenience and cleanliness.


Six Breeds of Cats that are the cleanest


1. Devon Rex


Devon Rex cats are known for their unique coats and their intelligence, but they are also very clean.

This breed is undoubtedly the cleanest of all cats, as they have a tendency to groom themselves relentlessly throughout the day and maintain neatness around their surroundings.

Devon Rex also finds joy in playing with water, which helps them keep themselves extra clean.

As a result, these cats are practically self-sufficient when it comes to hygiene – saving you valuable time that can be spent bonding with your kitty.


2. Siamese


Siamese cats are known for their impeccable cleanliness. As an elegant and intelligent breed, they are exceptionally particular when it comes to maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

Although all cats groom themselves several times a day and keep themselves tidy, Siamese cats take this one step further by enjoying baths with mild shampoo and even submitting to nail clippings seamlessly.

Not only will these felines keep themselves clean, but they also take it upon themselves to keep their environment squeaky clean as well.

Lastly, they have a tendency not to meow excessively and often remain quiet in comparison to other breeds which means less mess and noise clutter in the home. All these habits make the Siamese cat one of the most hygienic breeds around.


3. Sphynx


When it comes to hygiene, the Sphynx is a clear winner.

This curious breed has a reputation for being quite fastidious with their grooming routine, as they spend many hours all on their own licking, scratching, and cleaning themselves.

In addition to this natural behavior, owners of this breed often find that they require less regular baths than cats with fur – making them an ideal low-maintenance pet with minimal shedding.

Although the Sphynx may require more frequent brushing and nail care than other breeds due to their lack of insulation from the elements, their naturally high level of cleanliness makes them sure contenders for the cleanest domestic cat around.


4. Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex is an unusual cat breed, characterized by its sleek and thin fur that sometimes appears to have a bit of a wave.

Indeed, the Cornish Rex has the softest coat out of all breeds, which makes them especially low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

As such, they are one of the cleanest cats you can find as they are highly resistant to common shedding and matting issues.

Moreover, their coats require minimal brushing and they groom themselves often, so most owners can get away with occasional combing sessions.


5. Russian Blue


One of the most popular and indeed cleanest breeds of cats is the Russian Blue. Known for its silvery-blue coat and soft, plush fur, this cat is also quite intelligent.

Not only is the Russian Blue fastidious with its own grooming habits, it also hates dirt and messiness around it.

The breed tends to stay away from food remnants and prefers clean spaces in its environment. With regular grooming and brushing of their fine fur, you can expect your Russian Blue at home to remain relatively neat and tidy over time.


6. British Shorthair


When it comes to the cleanest cat breeds, the British Shorthair is certainly one of them.

This lovable breed often has a compact and stocky form, with thick-looking fur that comes in a variety of colors.

While they can be quite independent, they are also known for being quite clean animals who usually require minimal grooming.

As such, British Shorthairs are particularly well-suited for those looking for a pet that doesn’t need too much attention and upkeep.




No matter which breed you choose, it’s important to remember that all cats require some degree of maintenance and care in order to stay healthy and happy—but some breeds just make life a bit easier by keeping themselves extra clean. From Siamese cats with their gorgeous coats to British Shorthair cats who don’t require any grooming, these five felines stand out from the rest regarding convenience and hygiene.

So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet that won’t give you too much hassle in terms of keeping tidy, then one of these breeds may just be perfect for you.

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