Six Breeds of Cats That Bengal Cats Can Live In Harmony With

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Bengals are one of the most popular breeds of cats and with good reason. Known for their energetic personalities and stunning coats, it is easy to see why Bengals have become a favorite among cat owners. But if you already have a Bengal, you may be wondering what other breeds they get along with. The good news is that there are many breeds that can live harmoniously with Bengals. Let’s explore six of them.


1. Siamese


Bengals are known for their intelligence and energy, often needing companionship from other cats with similar traits.

Familiarizing themselves with their surroundings and the people around them is important for a Bengal’s well-being.

When selecting companion cats, breed plays an important role in assessing compatibility. Siamese cats are known to have a very strong bond with Bengal cats due to their shared personalities.

Not only do they have stereotypical similarities like being active, talkative, and stubborn but they also share common interests.

Both cats breeds love to jump and play around making them ideal candidates for comfortable cohabitation. Even if two cats differ significantly in size and behavior, providing both cats intermix regularly will contribute to forming a strong relationship between them.


2. Ragdoll


Bengals can get along with many cat breeds, including Ragdolls.

These two breeds are a good match because they share friendly and sociable personalities. Both loves to cuddle up together and enjoy spending time in the same space.

Ragdolls typically have a more laid-back personality than Bengals but are just as curious, making them a great companion for your Bengal.

While Bengals may be known to be quite vocal, they tend to be quiet around other cats, so you’re sure not to have any problems with noise when it comes to these two getting along.

All-in-all, if you have a Bengal and are looking for another feline companion, the Ragdoll is definitely an excellent choice.


3. Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is an incredibly lovable breed and a great companion for Bengals.

These large felines are quite social and enjoy the company of other cats. As Bengals are also quite sociable, these two breeds can become fast friends.

Maine Coons have playful temperaments, making them an ideal candidate for a Bengal companion. Both cats are highly intelligent and active, so it’s important to have plenty of toys and scratching posts on hand to satisfy their curiosity and natural urges.

The good news is that since they share similar characteristics, they tend to get along brilliantly.


4. British Shorthair


The British Shorthair is known for its friendly and affectionate personality, making it an ideal companion for a Bengal.

This regal-looking breed is also a low-maintenance cat, requiring minimal grooming — perfect for the outgoing, curious Bengal that prefers to stay active.

Though this breed tends to be a bit more aloof than other cats, it gets along well with Bengals due to their similarities in personality and size.

All in all, this hearty and dignified feline offers an effective balance of companionship and independence that most Bengals will find appealing.


5. Persian


Long-haired Persians can make great feline friends for your Bengal as they both have sweet, gentle personalities.

Bengals and Persians both enjoy a good cuddle, so plenty of petting and attention may be sought out. These cats are also similar in their docile nature when it comes to other animals, so if you have a home full of pets they should get along just fine.

Persians tend to be easier going than some other breeds and their sleek fur coats could even compliment the Bengal’s striking marked coat. Make sure you provide enough space for each cat, though, as this will help ensure that plenty of positive interactions between them can occur.


6. Exotic Shorthair


The Exotic Shorthair, affectionately known as the “munchkin of cats” due to its small and stocky stature, makes a great companion for Bengals.

This breed is laid back and quiet, preferring plenty of snuggle time to run around or play with toys. Of course, all cats have their own personalities and it’s best to ensure that your Bengal and Exotic Shorthair get along before introducing them as living mates in the same home.

But if you already have one and are looking for an appropriate friend, the Exotic Shorthair is a wonderful choice. Bengals love the intelligence of this breed and their gentle nature.




Finding the perfect feline friend for your Bengal doesn’t have to be difficult; there are several breeds out there that can live peacefully alongside your active cat companion. Siamese cats, Maine Coon cats, and Ocicats all make great companions for a Bengal due to their gentle nature and intelligence levels that match those of a Bengal’s energy levels perfectly! Ultimately it will come down to finding the right fit based on personality traits and play style so don’t be afraid to take some time exploring different options until you find the perfect match.

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