Why Does My Cat Yowl? A Helpful Guide

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Most cat owners are worried when their cats start yowling suddenly. Well, a cat yowl is more annoying than just the common meow. It is a prolonged and drawn-out meow. “. 


Top 6 Reasons why a cat might yowl


data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Cats will use vocalization to communicate with us. However, there are different circumstances whereby they use different vocalizations to tell off other cats. 

When your cat is yowling, for the first time, you may want to check that out. It could be that he is threatened or nagging for something. So why does your cat yowl?

There are three main categories of why cats yowl. They are a pain, danger or complaining to get things done her way. Let us outline the circumstances that may lead to a cat yowling, especially at night: 


Why Does My Cat Yowl

An Illness

It is common for a cat to yowl when ill or nursing an injury. If your cat has suddenly started yowling, you should check to examine him. Monitor him and observe any change of behavior

Hyperthyroidism and kidney disease are the main perpetrators of excessive vocalization in felines. Watch out for symptoms such as increased water intake and urination. Also, your cat may vomit or experience diarrhea when he is ill. 

Your cat cannot keep calm when he is in any discomfort or distress. If you suspect that your cat is ill, visit your vet for a consultation. Your vet will determine if yowling is as a result of pain or illness. 


Cat yowl to seek attention

In some cases, your cat will try to get your attention by constantly yowling. Well, at first you are likely to fall for it, especially when he wants to cuddle up with you. 

Your cat will do anything to get you to play with you. Unfortunately, he will even come to your bed to wake you up for a play session. 

If at all your cat is seeking your attention by yowling, you need to handle it as soon as possible. Your cat will yowl expecting a certain reaction from you. 

However, do not give in to his demands. Instead, you may ignore him completely. You need to be sure that he is not doing so out of discomfort or distress. 



Maybe your cat yowls because you keep delaying mealtimes. while cats need to feed several times a day, it is not advisable to establish a free feeding routine. Instead, we insist on developing a scheduled routine than includes main meals and snacks. 

Once you manage to stay consistent with your routine, your cat will adapt to it. That means that if dinnertime is 7:30 each evening, he expects food in his bowl. 

If you come home late, which means that you delay his mealtime, you might find him yowling. He is demanding food and wondering why there isn’t any yet in his bowl. 

Provide enough food and water through the night, especially if your cat yowls at night. This will keep him full and asleep for more hours at night. 



Cats are very social animals, yet they spend so much time on their own. Sometimes, when your cat has been alone and probably bored, he might develop loneliness. 

As a way to cope with loneliness, some cats will yowl the entire day, and probably at dawn. This can be annoying behavior but you can be able to help your cat through it. 

For instance, try as much as you can to play with him when you get back. You can also cuddle and pet him. Not only will this enhance the bond you share but it will also reassure your cat of love and affection. Furthermore, playing with your cat will tire him out before he goes to bed.

Ensure that you spend some quality time with your cat every day. Also, get cat toys to play with during the day. 


Aging Cats

Unfortunately, when our felines grow older, they might start losing some of their cognitive function. As a result, your cat may experience mental confusion which may lead to excessive vocalization. 

Senior cats with dementia or cognitive dysfunction syndrome may yowl for no reason. If you are having trouble keeping him calm, especially at night, leave the lights on. This way, when he wakes up at night, he will still be able to patrol the house. 


Why Does My Cat Yowl

It’s mating season

Your cat is also going to yowl when it is mating season. Female cats yowl when to attract a male potential for mating. Furthermore, when a cat is in heat she is going to be very uncomfortable and thus excessive vocalization. 

On the other hand, male cats will yowl at each other when they are fighting for the female ready to mate. This might go on for a few days before your cat calms down. 

If you are not planning to breed your cat, you may consider spaying or neutering her/him. 


How to stop your cat from yowling



Even though your cat is trying to communicate to you when he is yowling, it can be quite annoying. Well, can you imagine a cat who is always grumpy and complaining for no reason? You will need to make it stop at once. 

However, to stop your cat from yowling unnecessarily, you will need to determine why he is doing so in the first place. Determine if your cat feels threatened or if he is sick. 


Visit your Vet

This should be your first step if your cat has suddenly started yowling. Examine him for any physical injuries. Take him to the vet for a close examination. 

As we discussed above, several illnesses will leave your cat yowling. For instance, kidney disease or even uremic gastritis. Watch out for the symptoms we stated above and take your cat to the vet immediately. 

Upon examination and diagnosis, your vet will recommend the best treatment for your cat. Your cat should stop yowling as soon as he gets well. 


Ignore attention-seeking behavior

As we mentioned earlier, when your cat yowls, it could be that he is seeking your attention. While it is important to check on your cat when he yowls, don’t give in too much. 

When your cat learns that yowling gets him whatever he wants, it is going to be a difficult behavior to curb. Some cats yowl to wake up their owners at night to play. 

If your cat is yowling to seek your attention, ignore him completely. This can be rough, especially at night, when your cat won’t stop yowling. I suggest you get a pair of earplugs and close your bedroom door

Your cat is going to yowl for a few nights before he gives up. During this time, do not play with him or even look at him. Only ignore your cat when you are sure that he is not sick or afraid. 


Why Does My Cat Yowl

Keep your cat busy

Boredom generates a variety of behavior disorders such as anxiety, loneliness, and even fear. Remember that a cat spends so much time alone, and he uses it to sleep. On average, a cat will spend about 16 hours sleeping in a day. 

This leaves him quite active at night, especially in the evenings and mornings. He will yowl and meow until everyone is awake as him. However, you can adjust this. Keep your cat active and engaged during the day, even when you are not home. 

For example, you can purchase a food puzzle and leave your cat playing with it. This is going to keep him active because it resembles hunting. He has to solve certain puzzles to have some food and snacks flowing. 

You can also play soothing music for your cat, especially if he suffers separation anxiety. 


Play with your cat right before bed

In addition to keeping your cat busy throughout the day, playing him just right before bedtime will also help. We already mentioned that cats are active mostly at night. To curb yowling, you must reset his mindset. 

When you play or exercise him before putting him to be will ensure that he is tired. He is unlikely to wake up in the middle of the night to seek attention. 

ensure that you feed him well before bed. Push dinnertime to later in the evening when you are both going to bed. This will keep him fuller and asleep for the night.


Watch out for stress in cats

When your cat is in distress, he is going to yowl. Now, this is only one result of stress. Besides, you might have to deal with other behavioral issues such as avoidance of the litter box and excessive meowing. 

Refrain from moving from one residence to another as it is a common reason for stress in cats. Also, invest in toys to keep your cat occupied all day long. 

Cats suffering separation anxiety may yowl more than normal. Ensure that you spend quality time with him each day. You can also leave your worn clothes where he can easily feel your scent. This will keep him comfortable knowing that you are around. 

Note that cats are quite vulnerable to anxiety and stress. so you will need to spare some time every day to play and pet him. 




If you cannot seem to get your finger around why your cat is yowling, I suggest that you visit your vet. if you do spend quality time with your cat, you will notice any change of behavior. Now, monitor him closely and see if he is in any kind of pain. If he has suddenly started yowling, your vet will examine him and recommend any behavioral modification or medication. 

If your cat is not ill, then you probably have an attention seeker. Your cat will yowl to get you to look at him or play with him. This happens even at night when you are sleeping. Do not reward this behavior by offering him the attention he seeks. Instead, ignore him until he stops. 

Always ensure that your cat is well fed before you go to bed. If he tends to wake you up in the middle of the night for some food or water, always leave a bowl of food and water. 

Understanding your cat’s body clock should be the first thing you do. You need to adjust it per your schedule in that you go to bed and wake up at the same time. During the day, leave him a few exciting toys to keep him occupied. 

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