Cat Spray Removal. The Methods That Actually Work

Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box and Throwing Up
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Cat spraying is not an uncommon behavior, rather it is a problematic one. You will have to constantly deal with cat pee smell, which is not exactly easy. This article is going to explore various ways of cat spray removal, as well as how to prevent future incidences.

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But before we proceed, we need to understand that it is common behavior for a cat to spray in the house. This is because they use their urine as a means of survival, just as they would in the wild. Often, we forget that our pets are still animals that lived in the wild before domestication. In fact, most of us have resulted in treating them like one of our kind. This is a good thing, but it can make it difficult to understand the difference between human and feline behavior.

Do not despair as we are going to handle this topic as well. Cats are quite complex but all in all, we have been able to live with them for centuries now. This is as a result of the intensive research about cat behavior, in order to be able to cohabitate peacefully.

spraying could be as a result of a behavioral issue or even a medical problem. Unfortunately, our cats do not speak our language. Even though he is trying to communicate with you, there is a chance that you do not understand. Therefore, it is important that you keep reading on in order to understand cat spraying behavior.


5 Reasons why cats spray

    1. Stress


    1. litter box Issues
    2. Loneliness
    3. Health Complications
    4. Intact Cats Spraying


If you are looking for methods of cat spray removal, you are probably having issues trying to make her stop the habit. cat spraying is not only embarrassing but it can also turn out to be very destructive. For instance, she may pee on your couch leaving it all stained. Not only will you have to deal with unending cat pee smell but also the stained fabrics.

But why do they like peeing in the house and on our stuff? One thing you should keep in mind is that your cat has no idea that she is doing anything wrong. In fact, she is only trying to communicate to you about her feelings. In some cases, she might be trying to tell you that she is sick! Therefore, if you have noticed your cat spraying, do not ignore her or punish her. Instead, listen to her.

Some of the reasons why your cat is engaging in the spraying behavior include;

Cat stress

This is the most common perpetrator of cat spraying. As we all know, cats are sensitive creatures, which makes them very vulnerable to emotional distress. This is why we recommend a lot of play and cuddling to cat parents.

As mentioned above, cats are prone to stress. Some of the things that might expose your cat to stress include changes in lifestyle or even residency. New kittens will most often experience stress and anxiety before she is able to adjust to the new home.

Your absence is also another possible cause for stress in your cat. It does not matter whether you have left her under the care of someone else. If she does not see you around for some time, she is going to feel the void. There are so many situations that could lead to cat stress which will most often lead to spraying and other undesirable behaviors.

Cat Spray Removal

Litter box issues

Almost every cat will have litter box issues at some point in her life. However, litter box issues leading to spraying will most often be your fault. You may wonder why I am saying that but I will remind you of your responsibility. Your cat might be throwing a tantrum because the litter boxes are not usable.

If you have ever observed a cat grooming, then you probably will understand. Felines are very particular when it comes to grooming and cleanliness. If the litter boxes have even the slightest stench of urine or poop, there is no way she is going to use it. Instead, she is going to communicate her frustrations by peeing everywhere else but the litter box.

The cat litter you use will also determine whether your cat uses the litter box or not. Once again, cats will not be comfortable when the litter you use is smelly or uncomfortable for her. This is another reason to spend time with your kitty and learn about his preferences.


A lonely cat is bound to look for comfort. This is usually common in households that have only one cat and you all probably go to work during the day. You will have to leave your cat all alone in the house. Sometimes, she might feel the need to see you but since you are not around, she will look for alternative ways to feel your presence.

Most cats mix their scent, which is in the form of urine, with that of their owners. This way, your cat will definitely rekindle the bond she thought was gone. If you find your cat spraying your clothing, she might be looking for your attention as well as affection.

Health complications

As much as we relate cat spraying to behavioral issues, it is very possible for your cat to contract an infection. You will, therefore, need to observe your cat for some time in order to recognize the spraying behavior. For instance, if your cat is peeing on your clothes, and completely emptying her bladder, you should be concerned as she might be ill. This is especially if you have litter-trained her well.

Sudden spraying can also be as a result of urinary tract infections. Therefore you should take her to the vet if she appears to be in pain. Increased vocalization is also a symptom you should look out for as well as frequent urination. Your vet will be able to offer the best treatment for your cat.

Intact cats tend to spray most

If you have an unsprayed cat, you should not be surprised when she is acting up sometimes. This is because when she becomes of age, you are going to have some issues with spraying in the house. She is doing so in efforts to find a mate from the outside. This goes back to the point where we said that cats use urine for communication purposes. Urine from a cat in heat will often contain information like sex and age of the cat. This way, a potential male will find your cat for mating.

Now that we have look at the most common reasons why your cat might be spraying, let us move ahead and talk about the main issue, what are some of the ways of cat spray removal?

Cat Spray Removal

Proven methods of cat spray removal


Cat spray removal is probably the hardest part of owning a cat. This is because it has a pungent smell that will make tour entire house stink of pee. Unfortunately, most people do not have any idea of removing the smell.

I cannot blame you if you are one of these people! You may use water and soap to clean only for you to pick the stench once again. You may even use Febreez but the smell will still come from the sprayed spot. However, do not give up as I am going to help you remove the smell.

The very first thing you should do upon finding your cat spraying in the house is to clean the spot. As mentioned above, pure water is not going to work for you. This is because cat urine will form crystals, especially in a fabric, which makes it impossible to remove the stench. You can, however, use the following methods to wash off the stain and also for cat spray removal:

Enzymatic cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are quite effective in the removal of cat spray in fabrics and couches. In order to wash properly, use it with water and the cleaner. Take your time, especially if you are cleaning a couch or mattress.

The enzymatic cleaner is going to help in that it will break down the urine crystals possible in the fabrics. This way, when you are done washing the fabric, rinse properly and leave it to dry. You might want to cover this spot until it is dry to avoid your cat repeating this mistake.

Use water and vinegar to remove stains and smell

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent as well as a cat deterrent. If your cat has peed on the carpet, for instance, you may use this method. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the soiled spot until the fabric is fully soaked. You may leave it to dry and repeat this method every few days. This is one of the most effective homemade remedies for cat spray removal.

Baking soda

Baking soda has the properties to absorb odor from your soiled couch or mattress. It is best used after washing the spot using water and vinegar. Once you are done, sprinkle the baking soda on the already washed spot and leave it for a few minutes before washing it off. Leave your couch to dry.

You may want to repeat this method for a few weeks in order to completely remove cat spray from your house.

Prevent cat spraying


This is the ultimate way to ensure that your house is free of cat pee smell. As said earlier, cat spray can last forever in your house if you do not handle it early enough. However, as we have discussed above, it is important to stop cat spraying habit as soon as you notice it.

However, it might not be as easy as it sounds but you should make a point of preventing your cat from spraying. We are going to outline some of the effective proven ways that will help you with this. It can be a lengthy process but it is worth it in the end.

How to prevent a cat from spraying as a method for cat spray removal


If you are looking for great results for cat spray removal, you should definitely get rid of the habit in the first place. And in order to do so, you should be able to able to understand the reason why your cat keeps spraying. We have already discussed that in the first section of this article. Therefore, we are going to proceed and talk about the ways to stop cat spraying habit;

Get her checked up

As we had discussed earlier, your cat might be spraying because she is sick. Felines, particularly female cats are quite prone to developing urinary tract infections, which are the leading causes for spraying. Therefore, it is important to take your cat to the vet once you observe her spraying.

However, you cannot just run to the vet every time your cat sprays. Not only is this expensive but it could also stress your cat. Therefore you need to observe her more closely and look for other symptoms. These symptoms might include painful and frequent urination, blood in urine and your cat may seem to drink more water than usual.

Upon observing these signs, rush your kitty to the vet’s office. This way, your vet is going to help you rule out or diagnose any medical illnesses leading to spraying. Thereafter, your vet will recommend the required treatment should your vet find any illnesses causing the habit.

Spend time with your cat

Whenever you adopt a kitty, she becomes your responsibility. This makes her love you since you are the one taking care of her. However, this love comes with a lot of attachment that makes your cat happy. Once she cannot find you, there is definitely going to be a problem.

Your cat’s attachment means that she only feels safe when you are around her. Otherwise, distractions from the outside may come with a lot of anxiety. Your cat may spray on your clothes in order to feel safe again.

You should allocate some time to spend with your kitty. Not only will this allow you to connect with her but also reassure her that you will always protect her. You can spend time cuddling or playing games with your cat. This will get rid of unnecessary stress and anxiety and therefore curb spraying.

Cat Spray Removal

Provide toys for your cat

Some cats will spray the house just because they can and they enjoy it. However, punishing or yelling at your cat is not going to work as she is not going to understand you. Make sure that your cat is occupied for the better part of the day. Leaving her all alone at home is not exactly healthy for your kitty, even though you do not have a choice.

However, there is something you can do about it. There are various types of toys that you can use to curb cat spraying. You can get a few nice and exciting toys that will help you keep her busy. During playtime, you can use them together so that she can understand how to use them.

Alternatively, you can leave your TV on to distract her all day. Consider nature or sporting channels as they always have unending activities going on. Curbing boredom is a great way to prevent cat spraying which will in turn help in cat spray removal.

Maintain litter box hygiene

Poor litter box hygiene is one of the leading reasons why your cat might be spraying. Since cats are sensitive and particular when it comes to the environment they are in, it is important to keep the boxes clean. In addition, provide a few litter boxes that will offer your cat several alternatives when in the need to pee.

Make sure that you scoop the litter boxes twice every day, if not after every use. This way, your litter box will be free of cat pee smell. In addition to this, it is important to place several litter boxes in the house. This way, your cat will always have a box to use when inconvenient. In addition, it is important to make sure that the litter boxes are in a quiet place where your cat can easily access.

Cat Spray Removal

Re-train your cat to use the litter box

In some cases, your cat might be forgetting to use the litter box. This is especially after you have changed your residence or even remodeled your house. Cat stress will definitely trigger your cat to spray everywhere.

In this case, you should consider retraining your kitty. Use rewards and praise to reinforce the training process. It will take a few days before your cat can get back to using the litter box.

In addition to the above, you may take your fabrics and mattress outside in efforts to remove cat spray. The fresh air and solar energy is going to aid the process of cat spray removal



In conclusion, it is always advisable to find out why your cat is spraying all over. This is the only way you can be able to get rid of the behavior. In most cases, your cat is probably suffering from behavioral issues that are leading to the spraying habit. This means that you can be able to correct and stop the problem once and for all.

Cat spray removal is not exactly an easy task. However, washing off the stain with the enzyme cleaners is a great step towards success. You should also incorporate other methods of washing off the stains and the smell, as discussed above. In addition to this, upon ruling out medical reasons for cat spraying, concentrate on behavior modification. Once again, it is important for you to take care of your cat’s emotional health.


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