How to stop cat from spraying everywhere. A Helpful Guide

How to stop cat from spraying everywhere

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 The ways to stop cats spraying everywhere


Cats spray for different reasons among them general litter box issues, UTIs, stress as well as to exhibit his sexual behavior. For this reason, it is important to discover what leads your cat to engage in spraying. Once you do, you will be able to determine which one of the following methods you will use to curb the behavior.


Distinguish spraying from inappropriate elimination


In most cases, we tend to treat both terms as though they have the same meaning. However, there is a huge difference between a cat who is spraying and a cat who is eliminating inappropriately. A spraying cat is not necessarily avoiding the litter box but will spray on a specific place. On the other hand, if your cat is suffering from inappropriate elimination, he is purposefully avoiding the litter box.

It is therefore important to understand the difference between the two before commencing treatment. Your spraying cat may not show signs of a cat with litter box problems. At this point, it is also important to mention that the location of the litter box matters in cats that have inappropriate elimination history.

Furthermore, kittens that have not been trained to use the litter box will exhibit the signs of inappropriate elimination. In such a case, it should not be hard to teach your kitty to do so. This is reinforced by proper litter box practices like strategically locating the litter box. You should make sure that the litter box is located in a quiet and private place for your cat.


Cat spraying, on the other hand, may come from environmental or social factors.

Get your cat neutered

Neutering your cat is a great step towards getting him to stop spraying. One of the advantages of this method is the fact that it serves as a long-term way of curbing this behavior. Other than controlling the population, neutering your cat will also prevent spraying. This is because most cats spray to exhibit his sexual behaviors.

For instance, your cat will spray whenever in the season to attract his or her mates. Usually, your cat will spray at the door or windows at the sight of neighborhood cats. In addition, unneutered cats tend to be more hostile than others. Hostility leads to your cat desiring to spray in efforts to protect his territories.

Usually, if your cat feels threatened in his own home, he is definitely going to react. Spraying will warn the other cats to stay away from his boundaries. Therefore we can say that urine marking, in the form of spraying is actually a way for your cat to express himself.

Additionally, spraying will give the opposite sex a hint about your unneutered cat. This way, they can approach your cat to mate. Therefore, by neutering your cat, you are simply getting rid of the hormones that lead to the urge to spray.

Your cat may also carry on spraying until all these hormones leave his body. However, you should incorporate other measures in order to make your cat stop spraying.


Provide appropriate litter boxes



Unlike what we think, one litter box is not enough, not even for one cat. This is why your cat may be spraying; out of the frustration that comes with a lack of enough resources. You should provide several litter boxes for your cat to use. However, you must also be able to strategically locate the litter boxes in the house.

Litter boxes should always be placed in a private place in the house. However, your cat should be able to see and access it for convenience. For instance, you can place the litter box in a corner in the living room. However, after a few trips to the litter box, your cat should start using it appropriately unless there are other underlying problems.

The size of the litter box also plays a large role in encouraging your cat to use it. You should always make sure that your cat fits in the litter box comfortably. In fact, there should be room left after turning. In other words, provide adequate room for your cat in the litter boxes.

Additionally, always make sure you get the most appropriate type of litter for your cat. Even though every cat is different in terms of what they prefer as litter material, most of them will prefer to lose and soft material. Furthermore, the litter should not hold any smell and you should scoop litter every day. This way, your cat will not spray as a result of the dirty or smelly litter box.



Clean the sprayed surface


Once your cat sprays for whatever reason, it is likely that he is going to repeat the behavior. Therefore, it is important to wash the soiled place thoroughly in order to get rid of the smell of the pee. This way, your cat will not be prompted to repeat this behavior.

Understand that your cat has quite a sensitive sense of smell. Enzyme cleaners, on the other hand, will help you erase any traces of cat pee. The reason why you should do so is to prevent your cat from making it a habit to spray a specific place.

You may consider incorporating other methods with cleaning to stop cat spraying everywhere. For instance, you may consider restricting the cat from the previously soiled place. If your cat has been spraying your carpet, you may consider making the scene uncomfortable. You can place a spiky mat around the specific spot. This is going to irritate your cat’s paw and thus uncomfortable for him to access. Alternatively, you may use aluminum foil to cover the spot in order to keep your cat away.

For cats that are spraying outdoors, you can also be able to make the scene unattractive by making it uncomfortable. To be able to do this, you should use pebbles on the ground in which your cat is spraying. For instance, if your cat is spraying your flowerbed, you may use pebbles in the place of soil. This way, your cat will not go anywhere near the flowerbed.


Consistent routine


Cats like to stick to a certain routine. This is because cats do not actually adapt to change quickly. This includes your own routine as a cat parent. You should develop a daily routine immediately you adopt a kitty.

This means that you will have to feed your cat at a specific time as well as empty the litter boxes. You should also include playtime and grooming. Your routine is also likely to affect your cat’s life in ways that you may not understand.

In order to create an effective routine, you should understand your cat’s behaviors including his emotional status. For instance, cats that suffer from separation anxiety may worsen if you leave home earlier than usual.

If your cat is spraying out of stress and anxiety, it is likely that you are going to notice these changes every time you make an adjustment to your schedule. For this reason, it is important you come up with a way to minimize his anxiety and stress.

Increasing playtime before leaving the house will not only allow more bonding time but also curb anxiety. In case you run a multi-cat home, it is essential that you provide enough resources to curb stress from competing for resources.

Try as much as you can to stick to a routine with your cat. This will curb unnecessary spraying among as well as stress in cats.


Check your cat’s emotional status



As mentioned earlier, cats spray to send a message. Whether it is as a result of behavioral or medical issues, it is upon you to find out. This is why you should be able to understand your cat’s emotional status. This way, you will be able to tell if your cat is stressing or in pain.

Stress and anxiety, as we have mentioned above, are actually the leading reasons why cats spray everywhere. Therefore, you should ignore your cat’s emotional health whenever he starts spraying. Instead, you may consider spending time with him in efforts to make him feel more at ease.

Cats under stress will exhibit litter box problems and also isolate themselves. In addition, your cat may also experience constipation, excessive grooming as well as vocalization. However, a cat behaviorist should be able to determine whether your cat is emotionally stable.

In addition, you should dedicate some time to spend with your cat. During this time, play with him and also pet him. This will definitely meet the needs he has of companionship, attention, and affection.

Some of the things that may cause stress and anxiety for your cat include remodeling your house, changing the furniture and even having guests over at your house. Competition for food and other resources might also contribute to cat developing stress. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your cat/s have enough to eat, play with and rest.


Cat Deterrents


Using a safe cat deterrent is a great way to keep cats from spraying everywhere. You can use these deterrents to keep your cat away or even a stray cat. Keep in mind that whatever deterrent you choose, the goal is to stop a cat from spraying. Keeping cats away from the sprayed surfaces is the first step you take towards curbing the behavior.

If you are looking to get your cat to stop spraying, restricting access to the spot is definitely vital. However, since we cannot confine our cats, we then have to come up with ways to keep them from spraying everywhere. You can do this by using herbal cat deterrents or use motion-activated deterrents.

For instance, eucalyptus oil is definitely going to assist you to keep your cat away from the soiled surface. It is the best suit to drive stray and neighborhood cats away from your yard. You can also use lavender oil or peppermint to keep cats away from the place. However, using this method to stop your cat from spraying may not be as effective. Due to strong smells, these essential oils may make your house uncomfortable for your cat at all times.

Alternatively, you can use motion-activated devices to drive cats away from spraying. These devices may include motion-sensor sprinklers or water guns. You may also choose to use ultrasonic devices that will produce a high-frequency sound that is irritating for cats.

However, always remember that the goal is to stop a cat from spraying without implicating any harm to them.


Keep your cat away from strangers


Even though cats are quite social, they develop anxiety and discomfort around guests. In fact, your cat may spray upon hearing the doorbell or coming across a stranger in his home. This is why you should always be careful with your cat if you are always having people over.

You may consider taking your cat in another room if you have guests over. This is especially if your cat has been diagnosed with extreme anxiety in the past. By doing so, you will be protecting your cat from developing stress or anxiety.

In addition to this, you should also close the curtains to block his view. This is important especially if you live on a busy street. This way, your cat will not be prompted to spray while reacting to passersby or other cats.

Furthermore, you should avoid living in a noisy neighborhood. This is because your cat has a stronger sense of hearing than we do. You may be okay with playing loud music but understand that your cat is not.


Check for illnesses


Upon noticing your cat is spraying, it is very important that you take him to see the vet. This should be the first step towards resolving this issue. This way, you will be able to rule out any medical reasons causing your cat to spray. In addition to this, if your cat is actually ill, you will be able to treat him and thus curb the vice completely.

Some of the illnesses that may make your cat spray include UTIs, Idiopathic cystitis, crystal Luria and bladder stones. Your vet will conduct a urine test to determine what your cat has before commencing treatment.

However, your cat will most definitely exhibit other symptoms depending on the specific infecting he is suffering from. Some of the signs and symptoms of feline urinary tract infections include painful and frequent urination. Based on the stage of the illness, your cat may also pass bloody urine with a pungent smell. In addition, some cats will experience blockage of the urethra especially cats with acute UTI or crystalluria. However, your vet will be able to offer the best treatment option for the infection.

In the case where your cat has large crystals blocking the urinary tract, your cat may need surgery. However, smaller particles will be dissolved by the use of medication. Treatment will be determined in accordance with the type of infection, age, and sex of the cat. At this point, it is important to remember that urinary tract infections may be more severe in male cats. On the other hand, UTIs are common in female cats.

In other cases, your cat may be spraying because of a more serious health condition like liver disease or even diabetes mellitus. Therefore it is very important to see a vet about a spraying cat.



Discourage burrowing animals


The presence of burrowing animals, especially in your yard or front lawn, may prompt your cat to spray. This is because it contributes to anxiety and your cat’s excitement to hunt. And because your cat cannot reach the animals, especially indoor cats, he is going to react. This is actually a common reason why cats spray windows and doors to express their eagerness.

Like mentioned earlier, keeping your curtains down is going to prevent your cat from seeing these animals. However, due to your cat’s strong sense of smell and hearing, he will hear them and even sniff them out. Therefore there is a need to keep these animals off your property.

You can be able to do this using several methods. For instance, you may fence your yard and put the chicken wire under the ground. This way, even burrowing animals will not have access to your yard. Alternatively, you may get the appropriate pesticides to keep these animals away. However, be careful to not poison your cat using the pesticides.


In conclusion


Cat spraying is not only annoying but also frustrating. However, it is important that you monitor your cat in order to understand his behaviors. This way, you are always going to notice whenever there is a change.

Understanding cat spraying is important to all cat parents. It is the only way you are going to be able to curb this behavior once and for all. However, it is also important that you distinguish spraying from inappropriate elimination. Always consider taking him to the vet to make sure that spraying is not as a result of a medical issue.

Lastly, make your home as comfortable as possible for your cat. Avoid rearranging your house and also make sure that your cat has enough resources. Use TV and music to calm your cat down when you are away from home. The above-discussed methods explain how to stop cat spraying everywhere.








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