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One of the most common reasons for spraying is the display of sexual behavior in unneutered/unspayed cats. This is because cats will often go in season particularly during the spring and fall seasons. By the time your cat is 6 months, he or she will be ready to mate and reproduce. But you do not want a litter of kittens, do you? Therefore, there is a need to prevent this from happening by neutering/spaying your cat.

Cats spray when in heat to communicate with other cats about her availability to mate. In most circumstances, a female cat will spray the most when in heat. However, unless you are looking to breed your cat, there is no need to have her fertile.

You are looking up how to stop a cat from spraying while in heat because your cat is unspayed. In this case, you will have to do something to help your cat get out of the uncomfortable situation. understand that a cat in heat experiences a lot of discomforts if she does not mate.  So what exactly do you do to make her more at ease and stop the spraying behavior?

To be able to answer this question, you should be sure that the spraying is a result of your cat’s urge to mate. This is because there are other factors that contribute to cat spraying. At this point, let us look at some of the symptoms that your cat is in the heat.


How to stop cat from spraying while in heat


While you can actually get your kitty spayed while in heat, this puts your kitty at risk as well as cost you more. Therefore, the most recommended thing I to comfort your cat until she is over it. After then, you will be able to prevent your cat from spraying again by spaying her. If your cat is spraying while in heat, here are a few tips you may find helpful to this problem:


  • Comfort your kitty


Your kitty is going to be the most uncomfortable during this period. It is your responsibility to make sure that she gets through it. Indoor cats tend to suffer the most since they do not have access to the outside. This means that it is not possible for them to get a mate.

To comfort your kitty, you may consider increasing playtime with her. This will reassure her of the much comfort he is looking for. If your cat comes up to you for petting, it is recommended to provide as much bonding as your cat. It will help calm your cat down and thus control spraying.

However, if your cat also seems to isolate herself, you should allow her that. All in all, the goal is to support your kitty get through the rough period.


  • Keep your cat stress free


As much as your cat is in heat and in search of a partner, stress could actually contribute greatly to even more spraying. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that your cat I not undergoing stress at the same time.

Cats can develop stress from simple triggers. It is particularly important to keep other cats away from your home. This is because other cats will motivate your cat to spray. Understand that your cat is desperately looking for a mate during this season. Therefore, the sight of a male cat on the outsider is definitely going to make your kitty go nuts.

For this reason, you should block the view of the outside completely when your cat is in heat. This way, she will not be able to see anything from the outside. However, you should provide a distraction in order to keep your cat’s mind out of the situation. Therefore, providing entertainment, playing, and cuddling should help ease the symptoms.


  • Clean the litter box


If at all you are looking to get your kitty to stop spraying, you have to provide a better option for her. Encouraging your cat to use the litter box will not prevent spraying but it will definitely decrease the chances of your cat spraying.

When your cat is in heat, she is also quite sensitive which means he can smell things from afar. A smelly litter box I going to frustrate your kitty and she may end up emptying her bladder on your furniture and carpet.

To prevent this from happening, you should make sure that all the litter boxes are clean at all times. Consider scooping the litter at least twice each day to make sure that the boxes do not stink.


  • Avoid change


During this period, you should refrain from changing anything in your house when your cat is in heat.  This means that you should stick to the usual schedule at all times. Also, do not bring in new furniture as it might contribute to spraying.

Your cat will want to spray it to familiarize herself with the surroundings. When a cat is in heat, the risks will ultimately be higher than in normal circumstances.

It would help your cat if you refrain from change whatsoever. This might also include your own schedule, for instance, the time you leave and come back from work. A slight change will also affect your cat by increasing stress and anxiety. This is likely to result in more spraying.

Therefore, it is vital for you to stick to a schedule. For instance, feeding time should remain constant as well as playtime. She is definitely not going to appreciate any surprises.


  • Keep other cats away


Having other cats roaming outside your home is only going to make spraying worse for your cat. She is going to sniff them out and wants to attract them. Remember that he is looking for a mate. This means that she is going to spray all over, hoping that a male cat will come to her rescue.

For this reason, you should come up with a way to keep other cats from coming near your house. Well, some of these cats are probably coming because they can smell your cat’s scent. It should not be hard to keep other cats away from your house as there are several ways to do this.

Essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender oil are actually very effective when used on lawns and gardens. In the case where you have local cats peeing on your front door, you can spray a solution of your most preferred essential oil with water and spray around the doorstep. This will keep stray cats off your house.


Vinegar and water solution is also another homemade cat deterrent. However, be careful not to use this method on your lawn as it might be harmful to your plants and lawn. You may use it on the front door to keep other cats away. It is effective because cats detest the smell of vinegar. Alternatively, you can use lemon or orange peel on your front door and lawn to keep local cats away.


  • Clean the sprayed areas


Once a cat in heat sprays a surface, it means that she is marking it, leaving a trail for a potential mate. Therefore, she is going to come back and do it all over again, the same place over and over again. This I why you should be sure to clean the soiled places thoroughly.

Use enzymatic cleaners to completely erase the stains as well as the smell. This way, your cat will not remember the specific place he sprayed early. You may use vinegar and water to clean the sprayed area in the house to deter her from accessing it once again.

However, this does not completely stop the spraying since she can easily find another place. Therefore, distractions will work well to divert your cat’s attention. Keep her busy and entertained during this period until it is over.


  • Offer them extra attention


As we all know, pets do require massive amounts of attention. However, when a cat is in heat, she is going to need it even more. In fact, it is a great way to calm her down until the season is over and then you can get her spayed.

Make sure you spend enough time with your cat during this period. Rub him and pet her whenever she needs it. In addition, you should allow your cat some alone time if she needs it. For instance, if she walks out on you when you are petting her, do not force her back.



  • Get your cat spayed


This is the most effective way to stop cat spraying while in heat. This is because spaying will get rid of her sexual urges and thus will not need/spray in an effort to get a mate. Spaying or neutering is also advantageous in other ways. For instance, it makes male cats more docile as well as eliminates unnecessary vocalization and other behaviors.

By spaying your cat, you will be eliminating the risk of having a litter of kittens. It is recommendable to spay your cat immediately she becomes of age. In most cases, cats over the age of four months will definitely be sexually mature and therefore will go in heat. You should, therefore, have your cat spayed before then to prevent spraying.

However, you should always be concerned whenever your cat starts spraying. If this is your first time, you should understand that not every time that spraying will be associated with a cat in heat. In some cases, it could actually signify that your cat is ill. Female cats are at a high risk of contracting a urinary tract infection than male cats.

If your cat has a UTI it is likely for her to spray your house. However, this will be accompanied by painful urination. Your cat may also experience blood in the urine and the need to drink more water than usual. In addition, your cat may feel the need to pee more often, which is usually sprayed. She may also spray in front of you deliberately to seek your attention. In such a case, you should seek medical attention immediately.



Your cat may appear to be more affectionate than usual. Do not get me wrong, cats are social and quite affectionate. However, your cat may appear to be more affectionate to you or her favorite person in the family. Your cat will come up to you for petting and brushing against the furniture. Your cat will also spray pungent-smelling urine. This urine will usually contain pheromones that will attract male cats to your home for mating.

Your cat may also exhibit more vocalization when she is in heat. She may move from one room to another meowing and howling loudly. In addition, she may walk around with his tail on the side which I meant to allow easy entry by the male cat.

Your cat will spray items in the house, windows, and walls when she is in heat. She may also try to escape the house in search of a possible mate. Since this period is quite uncomfortable for your cat, you should try and make your cat as comfortable as possible.

It is also important to remember that the period could last a few days. This means you will have to deal with the spraying and litter box issues for a few days. You do not want your house to stink all the time. Therefore, there is a huge need to stop cats from spraying when in heat.


In conclusion


The goal is to make your cat as comfortable as you can during this period. You should be able to offer her affection and even pet him. Unless you are looking to breed cats, you should have them spayed as soon as possible. This will be one way of preventing spraying from a cat that is in heat.

There are other factors that may lead to cats spraying while in heat. Anxiety particularly will make your cat spray everywhere whenever she is triggered. Having a new person in the house could possibly lead to anxiety during this period as well. However, the other person can express affection and pet your cat to help ease the latter.

It is also important to avoid spaying or neutering your cat when she/he is in heat respectively. This could lead to more complications as the cat may bleed. However, if you are unable to calm him down, your vet should be able to give your cat something to alleviate the symptoms. Until this period is over, you should provide enough resources and attention to your cat that he seeks.

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